Rise of the Machines – USA

For downloads and more information visit: http://www.journeyman.tv/?lid=64311 Most people see drones as a controversial weapon prowling over foreign battlegr…

Tehran has claimed it captured a US spy drone in the Persian Gulf after the unmanned aircraft entered Iranian airspace, Iran’s Press TV reported. The US Navy…

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  1. I watched a few of these and some of them are unman AI (software program) attack drones. . . . Am i the only one that feels this isn’t safe? I watched on one where they are gonna try to let a drone shoot out missiles/ drop bombs. Even if it maybe safer for the pilots, is it safer for civilians? The person in the video made a good point. Man has judgement and understand right form wrong, machines do not.

  2. Using assassination as a convenient and easy way to accomplish political goals is unacceptable. Please consider signing this petition to bring back the assassination ban and end drone warfare. : )


  3. drones are easier in war cuz there is a guy behind a screen to press the button but if you were a pilot and you were given a order the pilot would have too make up his own mind i can see some good ways of drones been used in the future but i can see too many bad ways too or i can see some nerd thinking he is playing black ops5 and call in his drones to destroy a city

  4. lol, yet it is still by far the free-est nation on the planet. Along with its bbeautiful neighbour Canada. People getting all woried about this obviously have somethig to hide. People are not going to waste time watching people go about their daily routines. Whats the point? The only people who really have anything to worry about are people doing shit they shouldnt be doing so I am all for it.

  5. My opinion on this is that I think its going to help. Lets be honest, there are way to many gangs and cartels and criminals running around that could use a little more attention. I really highly doubt that the police or whoever is going to waste time and resources watching peopl do normal things. and even if they do who cares. If you are not doing anything you shouldnt be doing who fucking cares. I would love to see more of the gangs and criminals be held accountable for their crimes.

  6. Just play black ops 2 and you can see the potential danger of drones. Putting a machine gun on one of these drones is probably easy as crap. Everyone lost their minds with the boston bombing, just wait till a drone mows down a crowd, or drops a homemade bomb somewhere. Not saying drones are bad because i love technology, and weaponry. However, as with guns; all it takes is one idiot with a grudge to fuck things up.

  7. Don’t forget video taping your neighbors back yard pool party and posting it on the net… It should be banned, though i’m cool with police using them.

  8. what happens if i crash my drone into a airliner or if i arm it with a gun and kill a man just asking

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  10. l genuinely wonder what holes you idiots and your ideas crawl out, are you just people with nothing better to do than to think up conspiracies or are you actually mentally retarded?

  11. Which alternative universe r u in? When did Aus plan to give up sovereignity? And why will it affect New Zealand if it does?

  12. ignorance is a bliss; that in itself is worth blame. Denial is a bad quality and being open minded is a quality that we all should have before we can point fingers and being a fool enough to ignore the obvious is one thing but for having a misguided error of opinions which could possibly cause the death of millions is another, so yes they and all who refuse and hide the truth are to blame

  13. oohh china in the SC sea..big deal.Australia is going to give up its soverighnty after the elections i have recently heard. Where will that leave new zealand?

  14. Fuck US-Iran should finish off USA so they stop crawling around spying on us Chinese in SC sea

  15. The USand its FRIENDS attempting to destroy the Iranian economy ,hits the nail on the head ,Just like what they did in Germany in the 1930’s and by and by as they did with Napoleon.the controlling Psychopaths will lie and even when the Iranians have taken all their drones from them ,

  16. USA has nano drone technology that’s eons advanced ,just a millimietre in size it can undertake both surveillance and lethal activities.

  17. See thats the problem. Iran has been caught photoshopping missile launches and in a few other lies too. RT is famous for not fact checking its stories just liek infowars. Still since both countries lie its hard to tell who is lying now.

  18. US people/government lies to everyone including themselves .. throughout the world no one .. NO ONE .. believes the crud from the USA. People used to burn the US flag, now it is not worth the match to ignite it.

  19. Aircraft that are not piloted usually do not require numbers. and in later pictures of th esame drone why would they be on both wings?
    Still the US navy had a full accounting of its scan eagles when this one was recovered. It is exported and sold to other countries as well So it is most likely israels or someone elses. Remember the photoshop incident Iran had? That right there make sit hard to believe anything they say. And RT is russian ran so its more useless than info wars.

  20. No you’re not, you’re just going to sit at home clutching your gun while drinking gross American beer.

  21. Yeah but that’s policy on the part of all nations. (Not to admit or deny that they had drones in the area) The Iranian politicians are a bunch of ex-revolutionary terrorists and cronies that have been granted cushy government roles as rewards for years of loyal service to the party. They’re not in any way qualified or experienced diplomats, so they don’t understand the delicate subtleties and nuances of international politics. No wonder they”re parading on TV all the time, beating their chests 

  22. Hey look at the picture ar 39 seconds in. Check the wing on the left. Looks like arabic writing does it not?

  23. the Scan eagle is a drone sold to other nations as well. Its prolly a israeli drone and they did a repaint job on it slapping US navy on it with black paint. Its funny the US admitted to losing a million dollar drone but they would not admit losing a 5000 dollar or so drone? PURE PROPAGANDA this one is.

  24. So what? Has Iran admitted its involvement in its cyber espionage campaign against the US and it’s allies? Big deal. So a cheap drone was brought down. I’m personally not naive or dumb enough to consider Iran to be some sort of a victim.

  25. Middle Eastern people need to use some common sense, why admit to losing a state of the art drone but deny or lie about losing a cheap primitive one? That makes no sense.

    Also, did Iran finally give up on Photoshop or did they just forget to add US markings this time?

  26. Iran can have that drone……It’s one less drone that will be used against it’s own citizens in America.

  27. Don’t worry Americans are getting ready to take back America. Many of us hate what it’s become.

  28. I hope 15% is enough. I really do.
    It’s strange, on the one hand I would say: FLEE AMERICA!
    On the other hand: The 15% must stay!
    This would depend on if the situation is salvageble, but…
    Seen the FEMA things and the destruction of your constitution I would go with the first.

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