AR Drone 2.0 Nexus 7 Antenna Mod test 150 yards flat out

Shot it up 75ft in the beginning just to see what the wind was like up there… range test starts at about 2:00mark… This is the DIY QuadPatch directional …
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9 thoughts on “AR Drone 2.0 Nexus 7 Antenna Mod test 150 yards flat out”

  1. Do you have a blog detailing the mod? I’m very interested to know how you get antenna and wifi booster on the drone.

  2. @stevecotterell …. the app is ARDrone Flight Pro … and the data on screen has been improved since this video was posted (see the latest video posted on this channel for improved data overlay)

  3. Hi I see your using a nexus 7
    What app are you using to get the altitude on screen please

  4. @b00mb00mchuck thanks for information, then i know there no antennas so i do not have to search for them;D

  5. @DaanKnowsIt sadly there are no antennas available for any of these tablets or iPhones… i hacked this all together myself… from the conversations I’ve read the iPhone and iPod touch are a lot harder to successfully break into and do your own mod without seriously screwing something up.. that’s why you can’t find any information on it and why i don’t deal with Apple products… sorry… wish i could be more help

  6. Is there a antenna available for a apple iphone/ipod touch? If there is i want to buy one, cuz my wifi range is not that good with my ipod touch:(

  7. @r0bErT4u thankyou sir… I’m dying to run this thing out till it disconnects but i don’t want something to go wrong when i do… just wanna see where the damn limit is!!!

  8. GREAT JOB piloting your unmodified Parrot @ARdrone 2.0 the length of 1.5 football fields =0p…

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