Citizen Drone Warfare – Dangerous Information

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DigInfo TV – 20/10/2011 TRDI Spherical flying machine.
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46 thoughts on “Citizen Drone Warfare – Dangerous Information”

  1. Oh a paintball marker, how cute.

    Ya, that is not the same kickback as a real firearm. I do not think even a 9mm would work on a drone.

  2. Through in a couple cameras with fish-eye lenses in the mix and connect it through an Oculus Rift for targeting and you’ve got a 4am visit from the po’lice

  3. I feel like a bird would fuck that thing up just by flying next to it… what was the point even, 9mm recoil is a lot more than some puny paintball gun.

  4. You must think as the institutions want you to think since your obsessed with war and can’t see the good things this tech will be used for. Most people are moral, and dumb laws should be broken

  5. they self right idiot, and .22 LR still does the job, but we should use these for peace not war

  6. oh man I would love to launch a remote control paintball drone in a paintball match.

  7. Are you for real? to do surveillance? with an RC grade multirotor? do you even know how much power is needed to maintain the thing flying for 10 minutes? and you talk about these things being cheap! just the radio costs around 300 bucks! and easy to fly? do you even know what are you talking about? the learning curve on flying RCs is very steep, you need simulators and at least a couple of months to just hover decently. You should be banned form the internet for doing this fear mongering videos

  8. you are the first person/s i’ve ever seen who put/s a gun onto a hexcopter!
    i think nobody would ever do this at home and spying with such q drone would be almost impossible because of the noise they make i think all that bullcrap people say against drones is not senseble
    if you dont want guns on drones why dont you make guns illegal instead of breaking a hobby
    okay guns can be a hobby as well but its much more dangerous to carry a gun than to carry an rc hexcopter with you

  9. A hex can easily carry a fully auto gun and can easily compensate with the recoil

  10. All good mate.This page seems to have caused a bit of hysteria.Here in New Zealand they are claiming you have to get a pilot’s licence or similar , which is crazy.My mate uses his to video his friend surfing.What country are you in ?

  11. All good mate.This page seems to have caused a bit of hysteria.Here in New Zealand they are claiming you have to get a pilot’s licence or similar , which is crazy.My mate uses his to video his friend surfing.What country are you in ?

  12. I think there are worse things in the world to worry about than this. I hear you can remote detonate explosives with a mobile phone, does that mean we should ban all mobile phones ? How about cars, planes, microwave ovens, or domestic chemicals mixed in the right proportions you name it, anything can be turned for foul use and most are much cheaper than a RC multirotor.

  13. I agree it might be possible to do stupid stuff with one but there are MUCH easier ways to do bad things. So I thank hobby drones are the least of are worries. P.S. I did not mean to sound like a jerk I’m just sick of people wanting to ban stuff because of stupid people do dangerous stuff.

  14. Correct, but I have a friend who has built his own carbon fibre computer chipped drone.So I am sure joe blow can build one up to a reasonable size to carry something unpleasant.His drone is very impressive with more powerful rotor motors and takes off like a ufo.

  15. Hobby drones like in the video are what i was referring to. I was not talking about military drones! a normal person can not go out and buy a MQ-1 Predator drone!

  16. Hobby drones are cool.Have you read the news in the last 5 years about the bigger ones that kill people ? Buy a newspaper son.

  17. a .22 has no real recoil but these guys don’t really present well. They should have used a .22 mount

  18. You guys are paranoid idiots! No way would a DIY ‘Drone’ handle the recoil of a real gun and still be accurate! stupid people like you are the ones trying to make these fun RC aircraft illegal!

  19. oh long Johnson!!!!
    this is so idiotic, everyone should be scared now. cause if commies (anyone who’s not “American” citizen (and hippies)) have drones, they will spy on you, they’ll ruin your cloths and rape your white trash little sister.
    fatties are getting paranoid.

  20. No Shit!! A Glock 9mm made mostly of graphite weigh about what a child’s toy gun would weigh. Even if the kick spun it a bit, it could certainly be given a recovery period.

  21. You do America is far better at producing military drones than Japan is right. Japan is mostly building robots for civilians such as the elderly and to take care of little children. But our military robots will for sure defeat japanese robots any day.

  22. Kinda amazes me how young the research personnel are. Achieving like this at such a young age is quite an achievement. Makes me want to study in Japan now.

  23. He is an engineer of Ministry of Defense. it is UAV for the scout. All materials are bought in Akihabara, and output costs are 1100 dollars.

  24. “Greetings, dearest America. This is your president, John Henry Eden, lets chat, shall we….”

  25. Fake! This is not the machine sent back in time from the future to wipe us out. I can see the remote control. Nice try.

  26. Off the shelf parts? Let’s see some plans on the internet, please. I’m ready to make one!

  27. Attach a camera and you’ve got yourself a Protoss observer without the cloaking

  28. I so want to to mount this thing with cool gadgets making it akin to a floating leather man tool. Give it Bluetooth, speakers and a docking station for your mobile device. Also put a laser on it because why not?

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