Interview: Drone Hacker Speaks Out Against Coming Skynet Takeover (HD)

I interviewed George Bliss, the local Austin resident who showed up at our Infowars Drone Mob and hacked one of our drones, to discuss the coming surveillanc…

Hudson Senior Fellow Gabriel Schoenfeld appeared on CNN December 17, 2009 to discuss the U.S. drones that were hacked by Iraqi insurgents.

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  1. This is in response to the claims on other posts of this video to answer some questions from the public.

  2. Jamming would actually imply that I flooded the freq used by the wifi as noise. I specifically and discretely targeted that drone and its controller and gave it specific wi-fi instructions. This required some level of spoofing as well as wifi injection. The commands sent jammed the wi-fi on a network layer level, not a radio frequency one. Any attacks carried out on a specific MAC addr target w/ spoofing and injection falls more in the domain of hacking than jamming. I used Backtrack Linux 5.

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