24 thoughts on “Religious Leaders Call on Obama to Stop Drone Strikes”

  1. cc hobama’s dry mule tears for sandy hook etc/NO tears for chiraq….

    hobama is a liar and a PIC prez!

    more proof that privacy is a relic
    that bankster hobama is gwb 3.0

    what a gd shame

    impeach hobama now!
    hobama makes nixon & gwb look like honest slackers



  2. “Ron Paul was the next FDR but was silenced by media and laughed at by most of congress.” I am sorry but that is a complete insult to FDR legacy as Ron Paul wants to return to pre-FRR era where there was no welfare state. Dennis Kucinich & Bernie Sanders for 2016 election. “Sad.. and now we will pay for it unfortunately due to the 1%’s greed” Ron Paul is part of the 1% greedy people & I am happy he is gone.

  3. Ron Paul was the next FDR but was silenced by media and laughed at by most of congress.. A great mature man with arguably the best ideas in congress speaking in a room full of children. Sad.. and now we will pay for it unfortunatly due to the 1%’s greed

  4. yet they claim people will be burned for eternity if they don’t convert to their depiction of god and yet a drone strike is so cruel?

  5. FDR was before my time but my Grandfather said he did do some dickhead moves , but he got sick and died before he could specify.

  6. I agree completely as lets put America 1st before we go to some other nation. What the USA needs is another FDR.

  7. I would disagree as people have just got use to it like the government spying on people.

  8. If McCain won and was doing this, he would be massive protests in front of the White House every single day.

  9. You forgot that the Massacre of Gerusalem during the First Cruisade hapend during Easter!
    But we should remember that Jerusalem is divided (since Islam took her) in four quarters: the muslim quarter, the jewis quarter, the orthodox quarter and the Armenian(pre-Chalchidonian Miaphysites) quarter!
    Do you see any catholic quarter? No!
    The one half of the Jerusalemites were infidels and the other half heretics!
    So they did right in killing them all!!!!

  10. Judaism is a RELIGION

    Don’t get it confused with ZIONISM,

    which is a CRIME.

    And Israel is the CRIMINAL that tries to twist Judaism, to excuse ZIONIST CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!

    Make them stop now.

    Stand up!!!

    See channel for MORE EVIDENCE (click screen name)

  11. I can’t help but wonder if the real reason is because it’s Obama doing it…if it was McCain who’d won and was doing this, if they’d call him a patriot.

  12. Absolutely not. It seems to be that most every President since I have been alive ( since Johnson)has has fucked with social security. And put foreign affairs and war first. I could give a rats fuzzy ass about other Countries. THEY CAN FEND FOR THEM SELF. We need to focus on Us Americans. Canada and Mexico. For all you Obama haters HE IS HERE FOR A LITTLE LONGER, STOP BITCHING AND GET USE TO IT . If anyone neeeds to be blamed for anything that happens, its Congress, they are more powerful.

  13. Yeah but I don’t think Romney could have gotten away with trying to gut social security.

  14. I’m with them of course, but I can’t help feeling certain that if it was Bush they’d voice the opposite view: They’re not christians so fuck ’em.

  15. Maybe because they believe our laws should not be based on religious beliefs. Laws are made on more of a utilitarianist principle and religious beliefs should not even be relevant in things like gay marriage, the death penalty etc.

  16. It is so disgraceful to claim to follow Jesus or Dr. King and be for the death penalty. I don’t know how people can claim to love those guys, but be okay with killing your enemies.

  17. I see no contradiction, but anyway I think I views laws differently than you. To me laws are government enforced rules, thus their coercive by their very nature.

    What your talking about in hunter gather terms is a kind of moral system. Again I do not think our legal system is in any way moral.

  18. well this contradicts your saying from the other, when you assumed any market can have many competitors, if ressources are finite and customers too, sometimes you reach a state when new entrants cannot make their way in

    but regardless, i don’t see libertarians as my ennemies, i just don’t think it’s realistic.
    hunter gatherers had laws, if you killed someone i’m sure you’d get killed too (in anarchy, how do you control and punish murder?)…
    they did not believe in property though 😉

  19. I understand why you can’t envision a society without laws. We’ve all grown up in a statist society and been indoctrinated by it. The hardest things to do in life is cast off our prejudices. So I’d ask you to consider my alternative, because, I’m sure you’d agree, our current state is corrupt. It seems you’re almost there (hunter gathers didn’t need laws, why do we?)

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