Could The Use Of Flying Death Robots Be Hurting America’s Reputation Worldwide?

The First Responders debate the U.S. military’s use of drone planes to rain fiery death upon Afghanistan from above. (Aired 10/11/11) Subscribe to The Onion …
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25 thoughts on “Could The Use Of Flying Death Robots Be Hurting America’s Reputation Worldwide?”

  1. I always have a personal drone destroyer flying overhead at all times. If I see a suspicious person hanging around the grocery store parking lot, would it be appropriate to fire a couple missiles in their direction just as a warning…maybe take out the Prius next to them?

  2. I know how to get to another solar system in a few months. Tell the Japanese there are highschool girls there and tentacle monsters, and we’ll be going faster than the speed of light within a year.

  3. I know how to get to Mars within months. Tell the British there are redskinned aliens living there and they’ll be on their way as soon as possible.

  4. Did I ever say they do? You sound like an ignorant Obama supporter. Sure humans call the shots. Humans call the shots when they drop nuclear bombs. It gives the government an enormous amount of control over its citizens.

  5. Drones don’t fly by themselves , still a human calling the shots without getting shot at.

  6. part native american too…it’s really a sad story, they could have been the posterchild for how to live peacefully with other people, instead of manifest destiny

  7. America was founded on classical liberalism and any horror commited by americans is an abandonment of those ideals…There were many voices speaking out in horror during the trail of tears, ralph waldo emerson was one…It’s not the foundation of the nation that is at fault, it is those that cast aside those ideas and pursue power at the expense of others.

  8. don’t discount british guilt in the troubling past of north america…look what they did to the Acadians

  9. All of these have great points. They are just cynical humor about whats going on. Watch the facebook one.

  10. british lead westward expansion was the primary motivator for the 7 years war you twat, and any other twat who is so simple minded as to pretend britain isn’t just as much at fault for what went down during the colonial era. the french held colonies west of new england, and wanted national greement that british colonists and the army would not move further west. this launched the 7 years war. westward expansion and the entitlement that followed are the direct result of this.

  11. Manifest Destiny was not a concept until the Louisiana Purchase under President Thomas Jefferson. Having so much land fall into their laps convinced Americans (who were by that time self-governing) that God wanted them to rule all of North America.

  12. the onion is real news. All you have to do is recognize the sarcasm and you get what the other news SHOULD be reporting.

    They Mock our shitty Mainstream media, like a boss.

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