24 thoughts on “Drones for good? How unmanned aircrafts aren’t just killing machines — Truthloader”

  1. What if drones fly around your house to try and investigate what you got to see if your worth anything, with the plan to break in and take.

  2. 2013 is going to be the year of the personal drone. The prices are dropping fast. With a cellphone, you could have a drone follow you around autonomously. Have it fly on ahead to check if that store is still open. Carry a tiny one of your shoulder and launch it if you get mugged. You’ll have video evidence of the crime. If you fall and can’t get up, your drone can fly off and get help. Drone jousting! Any sport just got awesome filmed with drones. Drones can carry your shopping home. And so on!

  3. Are you telling me it was your cousin who assumed I was fat or your cousin who has a Nissan?

  4. WTF? does it really make it a difference, I can write properly but I don’t need an ugly girl like you on my back about it, you obviously understood what I said, so stop bitching, you fat bitch.

  5. Why have you got a video of a shit Nissan car on your channel. If you’re gonna put a video of a car on your channel, at least make sure it’s a decent one worth looking at!

  6. Drones make evoke more negative reactions in the UK than in the USA. Some of us are actually glad that they exist and can be used to kill our enemies instead of having to use other military tactics.

  7. Why the fuck would America need a drone to spy on its own people? You’ve completely misunderstood what you’ve read…

  8. This is good we need to use our technology for good but they still spy n kill, Obama is planning to use them in America against his own people to spy on them. Don’t believe me resrarch it

  9. Drones are used PRIMARILY TO KILL KIDS

    I dont care how many cool pictures they take…..The district court just said we can kill and keep on killing, as long as Obama NEVER TELLS US WHY….XD True story. the link to the courts ruling is on my feed

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