9 thoughts on “30,000 Drones In American Skies, plus $500 Reward for Global Hawk Drone Proof.”

  1. Kennedy was playing ball with them , he just got taken out cos wasnt playing ball no more. The system is a farce and anyone telling us they will save us through government/ congress is a liar. The whole system is owned and well embedded into its ways. Same here in UK. We get a picture of having choice. We have no choice, just illusion of choice. Peace

  2. They are also selling us more old hat tech. The real drones as is the real space program is what we are told are ufos. Check out some of my uploads . Ever seen star like objects in sky that are not stars ?

  3. low view count because we deserve what we get. people are not interested in this… they wanna see honey boo boo and real house wives.. we are all gonna burn.

  4. get prepared now, obama wants to control us and take all of our right for you dumb asses that voted for him you got what you voted for maybe next time if there is you will not vote for someone based purely on race.

  5. I can see now, Ron Paul’s motorcade getting hit by a missile from one of these drones! Like what the CIA did to Kennedy. 🙁

  6. All the starving American’s and the Govt want’s 30,000 (waste of tax payer money) drones flying spying on the peolpe who paid for them.
    When will America wake up, the Govt thinks your all terrorists and are being treated as such!

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