AR Drone 2 Flight #3 – Water Landing

Third flight and first attempt at a water landing after painting the hull flat black, adding blue LED lights around the body and four floatation devices on e…
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24 thoughts on “AR Drone 2 Flight #3 – Water Landing”

  1. I think the christmas tree balls are not the perfect solution landing the drone on water, cause they are drowning too deep so they do not really protect the motors from the water. Good idea though, very creative!

  2. i just used molded light weight foam with a spray coating with flex seal liquid rubber. i applied a GSM (cell phone) RX with a wifi addition (arduino products) then i built my ground station Laptop, second display, i use my bluetooth xbox controller to my laptop, i then use my cell phone to dial up the drone, and have unlimited distance (except for battery life ofc) with my laptop i get a full reading of all motors, battery, etc, second monitor is full screen with HUD giving me everything i nee

  3. Doesn’t that kill the battery. Because mibe suck thinking about getting some more any suggestions

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