25 thoughts on “Íran military claim shot down of a United States Drone plane”

  1. @TheIsraeligeneral666
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  3. @ JTSA58 the only person who laughing on your silly jokes is you,you probably heard the bullshit you are saying in your childhood,or maybe you experienced it. YOU ARE SAD. youtube is not the place to get revenge of your hard childhood.

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  5. @sherryVapors that’s exactly what Israel is trying to do.they don’t have the nuts to go to war without US .so they making accusations like Iran want to Attack USA . NOT TRUE.

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  8. It’s funny our government don’t like people spying on us but yet our government spies on others it just don’t make sense

  9. I mean how many times does the usa army have to get raped over and over again until they learn their lesson, i guess never, and by the way the title is wrong, the plane did not get shot down, it was hacked electronicly and got controlled by the iranian air force, EVEN BETTER :))))

  10. wipe ur assss with ayatollahs’s face i dont mind it i will also wipe my but with ur president no problem both sides equal now quit crying

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