Drone Strikes – Does America Approve?

“Michael Isikoff’s Feb. 4 report on the “white paper” — a 16-page memo that laid out, in part, the legal underpinnings that guide the Obama administration’s…
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Visit https://www.PointeDigital.com to see more of our work. song licensed by songfreedom.com this is the full video from the quadcopter hit heard round the …
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50 thoughts on “Drone Strikes – Does America Approve?”

  1. how is that terrorist number right? our people are morons if thats the percent that will kill terrorists and the percents for civies and americans thats crazy stupid

  2. For every 100 people killed by the Obama administrations illegal drone strikes, 98 of them are innocent civilians. How brain-dead are Americans that support this?

  3. Well what you need to remember, as matt and trey put it, 1/4 of America is retarded haha, on literally almost every issue atleast 1/4 of Americans take the dumbest possible position, no matter how clear it is to everyone else

  4. Whatever. When drones become beneficial(or lather the lack thereof becomes detrimental) I will be in favor of drones, when we are killing civilians on a regular basis, whether it’s 1% or 100% civilian casualties I’m against it. When we have no real threats to our nation, no wars we need to be in I will never be for the use of drones, on combatants, many of whom we turned enemy combatants, by killing their friends and family or not
    and what the hell do you mean by “the wrong side of history”

  5. Fuck you and your attitude, try making a point you maybe? people with your attitude has and our actions have led the whole world to hate us, do you think the whole world is just fucking crazy? or do we tend have a limited view of the world? I’ve lived in the US my whole life, we tend to have a pretty damn limited view

  6. Where did you guys send this poll take anyway? New York? LA? Come on! I’ve never been asked to give my opinion!!!!! These polls are BS. You probably only sent them to democrats or I should say the “new dems” which are highly deceived and blind to whats really happening. Agreeing to any drones in America are agreeing to eliminating everyones rights. You probably agree to gun control (aka people control) too! Wake up!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I wonder how the survey numbers will change when other countries start using drones to bomb America.

  8. Oh sure you can trust the police. All of those who died on Bloody Sunday committed suicide according to you. I don’t thinks so.

  9. Don’t try to foist your conspiracy theories onto a situation you know nothing about. There have been several inquests and court cases regarding Omagh and not one backs your case on the police deliberity herding the people towards the bomb.

  10. “A declined superpower”- Yes, part of that blame goes to Stalin. Also, part of the blame goes to his successors Khrushchev, Brezhnev, Andropov & Gorbachev. The person mainly responsible for the collapse was ultimately Brezhnev- not Stalin. Am I happy that a commie nation fell? Yes. Am I going around parroting NATO’s nonsense? No!

    “rising regional power”- Yeah, no thanks to Nehru & his fucking dynasty.

    You must be a Kangressi…Go piss off! I have no time to waste on pseudo-liberal hypocrites!

  11. “I also know that Stalin was better for the USSR than Nehru was for India.”
    and you can see the situations those counties are in right now, one a declined super power another a rising regional power.
    I am sorry, i thought you had elementary education, you should stat with the entry History on Wikipedia , more elementary one.Wikipedia is meant for your kind.
    I am not wasting my breath on an intellectual void as yourself.

  12. What TYT don’t get is:Americans only see themselves and other Westerners as “innocent”. They don’t care when muslim or “brown” or “black” or “oriental” civilians were murdered; because in their view they are guilty by association. That is why they feel no real guilt about Hiroshima or Vietnam or so-called War on Drugs in South America, or this so-called War on Terror.

  13. Congratulations your the proud owner of the Alex Jones Tin Foil HAT with a complementary yellow sash of cowardism

  14. That is exactly what happened. There was a warning and the police crowded the crowd close to the car boom instead of away. The police wanted dead bodies. The same thing was done on what you Brits call Bloody Friday. There will never be a true investigation much like Bloody Sunday.

  15. How can popularity make a claim ‘more’ true? Sure it makes it more believable in hindsight, but not ‘more’ true. And you can’t prove a negative – ‘God doesn’t exist’ – however you can prove that God does exists, by presenting proof of a deity you would destroy such a claim (e.g. God appearing), there are no standing arguments currently for the existence of God, Kalam’s cosmological argument, Paley’s watchmaker etc etc have all been debunked, time and time again.

  16. “Highly resistant to facts”? And pray, what ‘facts’ are you talking about?

    Yup. I know Stalin was an arsehole; I’m probably better at History than you, mate. I also know that Stalin was better for the USSR than Nehru was for India.

    Try disproving that, Mr Patriot!

  17. well then you are a profoundly stupid and ignorant person, highly resistant to facts. Go Wikipedia Stalin for a start.

  18. i think there is a lot in between “WEEEREE NUMBER OOOONEE” and completely broken self esteem.

  19. Popularity has some emphasis on truth value… unless the claim is outrageous and no attempt at an explanation is offered. Also you’re right.. a God either exists or not, but you can’t prove either even though arguments are offered on both sides so that alone is enough to legitimize its claim. With something like unicorns and sh*t they can’t offer any reasonable explanation .. so of course it’s just that.. an irrational thought.

    You must be one dumb mofo if u cant figure that out.

  20. Way to pull it off, man!

    A pro is not judged by perfection, but how he deals with setbacks and mistakes. You did well, my son!

  21. I wonder where the Groom got that cut at 1:59. Ha ha! All kidding aside though, the video turned out great…but I think I’ll see that crash one more time.

  22. The groom totally has a cut on his face from the quadcopter hit…at least it wasn’t any worse than that (also seemingly they let you try again, because you got the shot!).

  23. Great footage. But why doesn’t her wedding dress get filthy dragging across the ground? I can’t believe she’d even wear it out there.

  24. Lovely video. I’d love to know this location. If I ever marry again I want scenery like that. Also at like 1:58 I see a cut on face, can’t help but wonder if that’s from the drone strike lol

  25. I love it. Scenery, poses, all great. Probably can be a commercial for whatever kind of truck in the background.

  26. Why the hell am I watching this? No offense, I think your work is great, but I’m as far away from wedding as the pope.

  27. thanks. That’s why i posted this video, so people could see that I was more than just a bad quadcopter pilot.

  28. This turned out extremely well. Like many others, I saw the “crash” video before I saw this one, so I wasn’t expecting much, tbh, but you pulled it all together and make a great video that the couple will cherish at least up until they get divorced. 😉

  29. that is beautiful… love the out take…I guess it goes to prove you not suppose to see the bride in her wedding dress before the day..

  30. I watch this, and … 0:22, what’s wrong with her skin? And the color? Does she have liver cancer? Can’t ya photoshop that shit? And 0:56, weird full-redneck choice w/trucks in the back, dude… you never go full redneck. And who thought this was a good idea, them standing around at various agricultural locations, like… this is part of their wedding day? And yeah, tell the groom to get that rosacea checked out. That or quit drinking so much. What a beautiful dress!

  31. I saw the quadcopter hit first…and I was like why on earth would a wedding photographer want to use one? Then I saw your end product, and I get it (with the shots). Very nicely done.

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