Media Obsessed with Obama Golf Game -What About Drones?!

“A longtime White House reporter said on Monday that the Obama administration has been more “extreme” about keeping the press away than any she’s ever covere…
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28 thoughts on “Media Obsessed with Obama Golf Game -What About Drones?!”

  1. I agree! I never knew news could actually be interesting. I just wish more people knew about these guys.

  2. So transparent. “A prostitute sent us a poorly written letter, this suggests shes a minor.” More realistic: “A person claiming to be a prostitute sent us a poorly written letter, which would explain why she was forced into prostitution.”

  3. Liberalism is little about sharing, but yes it does have to do with equality, in the sense that the division between nobility and every one else is erased. Where did you get your definition of liberalism anyway? lol

  4. Free Market Capitalism was born from the liberal school of thought, just as libertarianism, which is simply left wing anarchistic approach to liberalism.

  5. he is 100% socially liberal (gay marriage, food stamps, social entitlement programs) hes economically liberal, he allows bailouts instead of letting capitalism run its course, and there is plenty more, tell me how he is conservative?

  6. It doesn’t count because it is a republican idea from the 90’s that gives more business to the corrupt healthcare companies, so its not a liberal idea. Now if obamacare was single-payer it would qualify as being liberal. Do you have any other examples that would show that Obama is 85% liberal?

  7. The Drones can wait. Obama should be at the White House speaking with Congress and trying to get control on the inevitable spending cuts, but I guess Tiger Woods is more important.

  8. Let me clarify that I said Obama is a typical establishment conservative, as opposed to a tea party conservative, he definitely isn’t that type of conservative. You say Obama is 85% liberal. Give me some examples, and just to warn you, obamacare doesn’t count.

  9. @sambamwham01: @cenkuygur is the hulk of political reporting the madder they make him the stronger he becomes. seriously one of my all time heroes

  10. Every1 knows you’re a racist when you say these things, try to re-brand it all you like. You’re just a bigot.

    None of which has anything to do with a mind-fucked media that cares more about golf games than extra-judicial executions.

  11. The national debt will keep growing till the country is bankrupted. His work is done, time to play golf!

  12. Lol obsessed of course they are i would be also if my job was t take pictures and use them t sell t Radical News Agencies 🙂 Big Money

  13. Dr. ZoAnn E. Dreyer lied to CPS twice and they would not listen to her so she lied in the medical record and that lie was faxed to my wife’s attorney in Conroe the morning of the Temp. Custody hearing as the only evidence to steal my son from me. The hospital is covering up for her and they will do the same in your child’s medical records. Call Michael Peters @ 832-521-3240 for more details. Thank You

  14. They don’t even try to claim to be non-biased. They make it quite clear that they have a liberal bias. Unlike Fox claiming that they are ‘fair and balanced’

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