23 thoughts on “RQ-170 Drone Crashes possibly Revealing U.S. Secrets”

  1. Why is US army scattered around the world?
    cuz they Fuck up every conflict for profit
    thats why fuking fatass troops cant leave
    Fucking warmongers
    True Axis of Evil: Israel, USA, EU, British Commonwealth

  2. that plane is really not a stealth plane. they even said it themselves, it’s low stealth tech. however, even though video of it was just a mockup model, and the other a RC plane flying, that doesn’t prove the Iranians are just bluffing. they are not going to lie the their public (they’re not NKoreans) about an achievement and never show it to them in an air show. people would definitely want to see it fly. So I knw that they’re still working on it, once it’s fully operational, they’ll surprise U

  3. wtf does that have to do calling my country a Nazi?
    no not all the time. the economy crisis in Iran is mostly blamed on Ahmadinejad’s bad management. he stole alot of money from the treasury and gave them to the mullahs. they keep questioning him in the parliaments. and also blame sanctions…but if it wasn’t for you shitty ass greedy government, we never had to deal with these bastards ruling Iran. you took our democracy (Real Democracy) in 1953 just because we nationalized our Oil…

  4. Iran has no relation to the world’s 97% ocean to begin with. the US can destroy Iran in one week non nuclear but only if they concentrate all their military in the ME. US’s military is scattered around the world and they CAN NOT leave. to finish the war US has to use Nukes next to Russia’s border and will trigger a nuclear holocoust. besides if the price of oil increases the people of US can’t afford it at an economy crisis. the $ will deflate, then US will go broke even if they take out Iran.

  5. but you forget in a time of war, price doesnt matter to a country when they can just take it for free. so they would only be waisting all that oil for no reason. and americas military is big enough to take on the entire world single handedly if the need be. we control 97% of the worlds oceans with our navy, and our airforce is larger than all other countrys airforces combined.

  6. besides, Iran back then didn’t recieve the Tor M1s from Russia. they have the 3rd largest stock pile of such systems worth ~ $700 billion. those are short range SAM. they were supposed to recieve the S-300 but didn’t. and now they claimed that they already made the domestic version Bavar 373 which is believed to be as good or even better than the S-300. if they get that, then they’re immune to air strikes. btw if nuclear missiles get launched at Iran, Russia will see that as a threat and fire

  7. back in 2001 if the US would have went to Iran for whatever reason, then yes. there would have been a big chance for the US to demolish the Iranian military in a month. Even the Iranians have admitted that. The US wouldn’t have been trillions in debt by then. but that was over a decade ago, and Iran went into an emergency mode and mass stock piled their military, and got very advanced in ballistic n cruise missile technology. that is their real air-force now, not fighter jets or attack helicopt

  8. Say the U.S military never went into Iraq or Afghanistan but instead went straight for Iran would you still think the U,S military would have no chance.

  9. well exactly…Just as i said…there is no way US can win a non nuclear war with Iran…however, at least one major US city will get nuked

  10. so you haven´t answered my question… are you an country which makes others responsible for his own problems or not?

  11. yeah you can…but you forgot that Iran shares borders with Russia, and the caucuses… If Iran is willing to block the straight of Hormuz, It is already a blockade done to themselves…Iran will fire missiles not only at the oil tankers and spread mines into the straight where the water is too shallow but also fire missiles after missiles at the GCC oil refineries. that will stop 40% of the world’s oil increasing the price of oil to almost quadruple. no super power can take that.

  12. We could also naval blockade you from every angle. You have no arab allies, Hezbollah will be crushed by the Israeli military. If you think the sanctions are bad now Iran can blocked off in the black sea by Nato. China won’t go to war with the U.S doing so will cause enormous problems for them domestically. This will lead to world war 3 and Iran will lose no matter the outcome.

  13. America is a country of 300 million > to your 80 million. We are not sanctioned Iran is. 13 million reserves? I dare you to attack a naval ship you’ll unite America we can purge 22-24 million into a conflict if the cause is good. Mountainous? all we have to do is destroy Tehran.You are misrepresenting how the Iranian population is roughly millions of Iranians would want nothing more then regime change. Oh by the way our economic worth is still around 15 trillion.

  14. my mistake, that would be 13 million reserves…the army currently is about 2 million strong.
    There are 80 million people in Iran, and although many of them don’t like the present regime they are almost all fervent patriots who would resist a foreign invasion. Iran is a mountainous country, and very big. The Iranian army currently numbers is slightly smaller than the U.S. Army—but unlike the U.S. Army, it does not have its troops scattered across literally dozens of countries. including carriers

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