Whose Drone is it Anyway? (Black Ops 2 Machinima)

Why make drones that can be so easily hacked? Getting the name from a famous improv show called “Whose line is it anyway” this video makes fun of the fact th…

October 2013 Breaking News The Cybersecurity Drone China Threat Hacking U.S. Secrets, China Pushes for Drones – Last Days Final Hour End Times News prophecy …
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  1. hey dudes if you enjoyed these epic machinimas and want to see more like his vids and if you have time favourite them and sub as this will motivate him to make more
    sweller out

  2. Something canceled the upload overnight, re-uploading now. I really hope it uploads guys because I am leaving for a week again in a few minutes. I won’t be able to tell if it’s uploaded or not. If its not, please wait until next Saturday

  3. Sorry guys, the Running Dead which I thought would be a 10 machinima, turned out being a 23 minute film. A lot of work has gone into it and its uploading now. It’ll be a few hours

  4. Dude, ShelteredMan will fight… Knight is trying to have a variety of videos, not just Rookies…

  5. ” WE” ? Whos “We” ? WEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ? You same hypocrites are helping the people who want to destroy Bill of rights and are US Constitutional rights form invasive hostile govts who you help prop up with free trade and technology ! That’s ” WE ” ? from . Sell us out to your “WE ” friends around the world . trillions of Federal reserve money that you ” We”s now say that America owes back to you ” WE” people ? That isant going to happen . US Govt is control by Fascist

  6. we now know, according to Ed Snowden, the US has been lying all the way what US accuses others of doing ! Hahaha… Well, we can only say that US is just doing what its banker, i.e. the Chinese communist government, tells them to say.
    Our many secrets have been SOLD to the Chinese, and they don’t need to steal at all. Remember we are capitalists, we sell to the highest bidder ! simple as that.
    Our gov has broken down alright, not due to the Chinese spying, but our own IMPOTENT politicians !

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  9. Lol u people are so wrong about the usa … I want to see any country of the world attacking usa . That would be fun.. Us dosnt negotiate with terrorist so that means that who ever try to make that move is dead .

  10. Oh I could tell you so much Yi Han. I am born again. I know what is coming and for whom. Obama is evil yes I know. The NWO is evil we know. The future of the USA is set in prophecy. It will be done. I am saved and will live forever. It is my hope that many in China will be born again also and be saved. The rest will die. Not just the military but all. That is sad.

  11. Which gov has the most drones, aircraft carriers, Nukes and Fighter Jets? Which gov kills thousands innocent people for oil? Which gov has military bases all over the world, detaining foreign and inland citizens, claming them as terrorist? Which gov makes the 1% of the elite rich and the rest 99% poor? Not russia, not china, but U.S. Hitler said that Britain and U.S. was evil and so does U.S.

    Where is your freedom americans? Wake up, jesus cannot help you overthrowing the tyranny but your Guns!

  12. First, the food consume per capita per year of china is one of the highest in the world, flesh about 120kg and vegetable about 500kg. Second, the lead toy is made by frenchies. Corruption, that’s true but CCP arrest every year over 10000 officers for corruption. China is not perfect but she don’t use propaganda to make it perfect, US does. Why does obama cheat on about DHS and FEMA and Obama hitler youth? Wake up, don’t read fox or cnn news anymore or your will eventually die in FEMA Camps.

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