Nano UAV – Black Hornet- PD-100 PRS

The PD-100 Black Hornet is a nano UAV developed by Prox Dynamics. The Black Hornet offers intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance support to armed forc…

After the Beta update yesterday, the Dev Branch got a big update and got UAVs added! I take a first look at them including a short guide as to how to get the…
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  1. He aquí el PD-100 Black Hornet, mide solo 10 centímetros de largo y es uno
    de los drones más pequeños y efectivos del mundo. Lo fabrica la empresa
    noruega Prox Dynamics, que ya ha vendido al ejército británico 160 unidades
    para, entre otras cosas, detectar francotiradores en Afganistán.

  2. Ahora toca decicir si servira para salvar vidas o destruirlas, aunque todos
    sabemos la respuesta, la numero 2.

  3. 7:23 Hey Jester, what is the “Loiter” option for? I was wondering if it
    would make the Darter hold position in a hover, but there is already a
    “Hold” option… Maybe the “Loiter” option makes them kinda patrol the area
    around the waypoint… That could be an interesting tool to play with
    instead of a “Cycle” waypoint… It would still be handy, but the “Loiter”
    option could be an alternative. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m curious.

  4. How do you give them more than one waypoint now? Has that changed? Whenever
    I try to give a 2nd waypoint, it just replaces the 1st waypoint with the
    new one instead of adding waypoints.

  5. ughh, arma seems so much slower than bf. preference I guess. not really a
    hop in – hop out game though.

  6. So the UAVs know friend from enemy, but your HUD can’t a friend or enemy
    symbol on either forces? … and they look soooo alike! X| Thanks for all
    these demonstration vids! You are awesome!

  7. The in-game manual still contains a errors even though the game has been
    released. Another example would be that you still can’t access your
    teammates gear. The manual states a way to do this but it hasn’t been
    implemented yet.

  8. I checked and couldn’t find it. I’ve now heard that the functionality isn’t
    complete yet, but I don’t have a source. I even tried to force connection
    with the new connectTerminalToUav command, but that only works for friendly
    UAVs. We may have to wait.

  9. Hmm… I got that information from the in-game manual. Double check it and
    see if it’s still in there under the UAV section.

  10. You said that you can take over enemy UAVs by capturing terminals but I
    can’t get this to work in full release version. After picking up an enemy
    terminal I can still only connect to friendly UAVs. Is there something that
    I’m missing to set this up, or will I have to script it all from scratch
    for my mission? Thanks for the videos. 🙂

  11. So I predict, that you can/can’t get contact with UAV’s on the new map if
    you have a base at the right top corner, and the UAV is at the left down

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