New Pakistani Drone Technology

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Flying the Parrot AR Drone 2.0 at #OTAEM OTA Encyclo-Media.
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12 thoughts on “New Pakistani Drone Technology”

  1. lol really i cant believe that indian media can be that much foolish. this
    video show how much prapoganda indian media is doing against pakistan. its
    really funny the drone you are showing with pakistani flag printed on by
    photo editor lol. the drone is not pakistani and italian helped drone is
    totaly different. its not pakistani drone mate check and then uplaod these
    kind of vidoes because you indians are embarassing yourselves not pakistan
    hope you understand. no disrespect to noone thanks

  2. Every week the Americans shoot there drones and kills hundreds of
    Pakistanis , what good is it being a Nuclear state (which is meant to be a
    deterrent) if you allow a foreign nation to bomb you ! You might aswel
    stick that nuke up your paki arseholes …. Why don’t you stand up and warn
    the west if there is another drone attack in Pakistan that means war …
    You can’t why ? Because your all curry eating paks .

  3. India already have attack drones, but they only cry over Pakistani drones.
    pathetic Indian media, hazaro keel 😛 abay drone 20 KM say ziada oper nahi
    ur sakta aaj tak. pata nahi kon sa drone dikh gaya Indians ko hazaron meel
    opera urta hai. lagta hai yeh log Moon ko drone samajh baithay 😀 😛

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