China unveils its first stealth drone

China took its first unmanned stealth drone for a 20-minute test flight, state media announced Friday. The “Sharp Sword” drone could be used for both surveil…
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25 thoughts on “China unveils its first stealth drone”

  1. The United States could enact strict embargos on China’s exports for Air
    Jordan’s, electronics, etc, if they got out of line, and their economy
    would completely collapse. So what if they have a drone? Whoop-Tee-Doo!
    America is the skill, China is our cheap labor. China knows it, and we
    know it. And that’s just the way it is.

  2. China fears what the US has become, as does every other nation. The US has
    started the ball rolling with its billions of dolllars spent on weapons and
    the rest of the world is doing the same. The guy with the biggest stick
    wins the battle. …………And most of the world is happy this is
    happening. Fuck me dont you want better than this for your children?

  3. The moment when China monetize the golds and silvers as currency’s backing
    or better, use as LEGAL TENDER, shall be the moment they will free
    themselves from the tyranny of the western bankers that practiced
    fractional reserve banking. 

  4. Think bout it? Why would Iran give up nuke position now even though they
    have been bypassing US dollar sanctions with gold for years, unless it’s to
    irans advantage to position it’s oil reserves with the Chinese and Russians
    knowing a shift in power is coming…

  5. So if China get’s drones they’re the good guys, yet when US they’re the
    baddies? Least in the US you don’t steamroll over protesters, or threaten
    to go to nuke japan over a tiny island.

  6. I’m for Russia btw. Fuck Islam. I rather have the West and so called
    commies spend their energy in alternatives, than a pipeline form Saudi
    Arabia and Qatar to Turkey. Next to this, deport 1000 Muslims every time
    when something happens to non-Muslims in the Middle East (because they’re
    so great when it comes to treating people under sharia law, with all their
    slaughtering parties). Nobody has to question why there ain’t Muslims
    living in the West after deporting all Muslims. 

  7. The sharp sword was reveiled last year. This time it showed it can fly and
    land on its own. Which means the program is maturing.
    The next drone that will come is called the “Dark sword”. Right now
    companies all over the world are trying to beat this one , since it will be
    a supersonic attack drone.

  8. Just in time for Black Friday at China Mart – I love the future!
    (limited availability in some areas -not sold in Towns that have “no guns
    allowed” laws)

  9. In the game Rise Of Nations once you start developing stealth bombers
    nuclear Armageddon isn’t far off.

  10. america can be thanked for all the new weapons other countries are making
    just to keep up. just what the world needs is more weapons. if all the
    money spent on weapons were given to the people of the world every one
    would be rich, our society is insane.

  11. Well the drone does not scare me, what does scare me is how China has our
    balls in their hands ready to crush us under our own debt. Imagine if the
    US bond became worthless, this would cause the interest to skyrocket,
    leaving us in financial shambles. I wonder if this happen would people
    finally wake up and kick Obama out of office.

  12. China can now start raising the standards of living of their own people and
    not have to send out goods, except riot gear and bullets, so governments
    around the world can oppress their own people because the policies put in
    place by the politicians will prevent certain industries from ever
    returning, and the unemployment problems wont solve themselves. Civil
    unrest will fill the vacuum that has been created. Idle hands do the devils

  13. Chinese government do not know how to scare America. You must attache a
    price tag to it. Tell them a predator drone only cost US$1 million each.
    This one, with 4000km range would cost only US$2 million.
    Tell them the cost , they’ll shit in their pants as they know how quickly
    China can build them.

  14. U can see it by Syria and Iran, US lead war coalition is dying and putting
    other countries on center stage to fill the gap at diplomacy …Russia
    could of left Obama cornered with Syria but they threw US a bone knowing
    the chess game is changing and US and USD position is no more

  15. So China copying Western (hacking) inventions. Let the West invest a loooot
    of money in inventing things, money China backs up. There are cultural
    differences. A country that lives under dictatorship (like China), doesn’t
    have free speech, freedom of thinking and is drilled to think like the
    bosses, don’t invent that many things. They depend on countries where there
    is that freedom. With that freedom comes creativity and rewarding. In Japan
    and China, you’ve got these phrases like.. the nail that sticks out gets
    hammered. Means when you show qualities, it frustrates the leaders when
    you’re not in their favor. A monopolist society will never develop, becomes
    poor and science shows poverty makes dumb people. Because their focus is
    how to pay their bills. 

  16. Zionists will make sure USA lose this war. USA gentile land has done it
    part preparing for Zion their holy land. One a revolution starts in USA.
    Ww3 will start. Fema with the help of Israeli militia n Japanese will be
    handling security in fema camps. By the time China Russia NATO USA destroy
    each others. Israel will become the hq of the New world order. Of zion. Nwo
    will have to emerge from ww3 . 

  17. China took its first unmanned stealth drone for a 20-minute test flight,
    state media announced Friday. The “Sharp Sword” drone could be used for
    both surveillance and missile strikes. In other news, the People’s Bank of
    China announced it is “no longer interested in China’s favor to accumulate
    foreign exchange reserves.” China is the biggest buyer of US debt, and
    holds more than $1 trillion in US Treasury bonds. RT’s Ameera David takes a
    look at how the Chinese bank’s decision might affect its current US debt

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