Drone Strike Kills Anwar al-Awlaki

Terrorist suspect Anwar al-Awlaki was killed by a U.S. drone strike. Some are questioning if he should have been killed with no trial and unclear evidence. T…
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25 thoughts on “Drone Strike Kills Anwar al-Awlaki”

  1. I’ve been listeneing to his lectures in my car since he got murdered.
    Thankyou Awlaki for teaching me the TRUE version of Islam which includes
    Jihad whether the disbelievers like it or not… He talked the talk and
    walked the walk. Awlaki could have stayed in the US and lived the
    wonderful ‘American dream’ you keep shoving down our throats.. The worst
    thing US could have done was kill this guy. Now I know he practised what he
    preached and died on it. He taught the whole Muslim world that the most
    honourable way to die is by declaring Jihad on the terrorist scums who are
    fighting Islam.

  2. >>idk maybe the rape of thousands of women and the death of hundreds of
    thousands maybe even millions of civilians might be the reason for them
    being terrorists? Isn’t that what’s going on in Syria? The lunatic alQaeda
    wannabes want to kill off the Shia and Christians there. All I need to know
    about the Salafist terrorists in Syria I learned from watching their videos
    on Youtube

  3. non-intervention(dot)com/1117/bin-laden-predicted-obama%E2%80%99s-war-on-the-4th-amendment/
    what did i say, the taliban have finally won

  4. I almost got Lynched like a Back Man in the 1950s in The South, right after
    9/11, when I said if you believe that, then you will believe the African
    Zulu Tribe is about to put a man on the moon within the next 2 weeks! I
    just remember Emile Zola’s book, entitled “His Excellency” & a man was
    trying to warn the gov about a bomb, no one would listen. When the bomb
    went off, The Dictator lived, & the people of France lost all there Civil
    Rights in 24 hours♠

  5. He had it coming. We knew it. Him and his buddies knew it. This is what we
    do. You start acting crazy and we drop missles. So quit acting crazy. This
    is what happens.

  6. These drone strikes once again demonstrate how much of a cult organisation
    american is that does not even believe in its own constitution that is
    meant to allow people to go before a judge to prove there innocense. The
    cult american goverments breaks all humaniterian laws and executes
    suspected threats to security. This is your modern cult barbaric super

  7. So this guy (who was in neither country we’re at war with, by the way, much
    like you-know-who) was born in the US, then there’s the Mass. jackass who
    wants to blow up DC w/ model planes, and don’t forget American Taliban John
    Walker-Lindh. It would seem that the US is the true breeding ground for
    terrorists! Start the aerial strikes!

  8. Menos um barbudo maquinando contra o ocidente. Quem usa da espada morre por
    ela. Parabéns aos americanos por estarem limpando o mundo desses barbudos
    nojentos. Em breve teremos a guerra final contra os muculmanos idiotas e
    sanguinários, já está previsto isto nas profecias. Deus é justo e está
    realizando a divina justiça contra aqueles que matam em seu nome.

  9. Too bad this piece of shit is dead. I think I’m going t eat some popcorn.
    Too bad he doesn’t sleep with the fishes like Bin Laden. While Bin Laden
    became fish food. this mouthy little bastard ended up being Beef Jerky in
    the desert! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  10. You are a fucking moron. What, do you think the average US soldier is a
    rapist and killer of civilians? Also, don’t try to paint Al-Qaeda and the
    Taliban as people who “defend their land”, please.

  11. hey cenk, its like how they got the mobsters on income tax because nailing
    them down 4 the murders they commissioned others 2 commit was difficult.
    get enuf circumstantial evidence 2gether and it tells the story of no
    reasonable doubt, no reasonable, as in its not reasonable 2 think that
    Anwar is guilt free of being a crime boss here

  12. citizens who swear their alligiance with traitors and our enemies deserve
    2 b stripped of citizenship and treated as enemy soldiers. end of story

  13. hahaha, please continue to believe in that story where no single proof ever
    is heard from AAAaaaaah… monkey dreams they’re still funny to hear

  14. @southrules I understand all that. I just think we should measure our dicks
    with the rule of law, lest we risk becoming a dicktatorship.

  15. so in my high school gov and politics class i was literally the only kid
    defending his right to a trial. everyone else decided the government should
    be able to do literally anything they want to get terrorists… facepalm.

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