Drone falls out of the sky (filmed from onboard w/ 808 #11 keycam)

A flight at sunrise, smooth start. But then the drone would suddenly loose altitude and start to tumble which got even worse when pushing the throttle (you c…
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4 thoughts on “Drone falls out of the sky (filmed from onboard w/ 808 #11 keycam)”

  1. I increased and decreased the throttle i.o. to make her climb and descend.
    Reason for the crash obviously was the combination of fast almost
    stationary descend with a high payload (huge battery) and a weak right
    front motor. The so called vortex effect above the propellers lets the
    drone start to stagger and the right front motors response was to weak to
    compensate, ending in a “too high angle” shut down. Especially when
    carrying huge batteries I now try to avoid the vortex by moving forward in

  2. Nice flight! I had similar crashes for unkown reasons! The only cause I can
    think of is a weak battery which can cause a “black out” to the
    CPU…losing control is the final result!

  3. you can hear the motors making a sputter in the first 30 seconds and then
    the motors run slower after the 46 sec mark. Ever figure out what happend?

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