Drone Flies Into Senator’s House!

“Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) is calling upon the government to regulate unmanned aircraft, citing privacy issues that she said have arisen in her own…
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http://www.personal-drones.net 2 minutes of flight with the Idea Fly 4S. It has a particular distinct pattern of 3 leds for each arm located under the motors…

Iron Sky Invasion (PC | MAC DVD) Reviews

Iron Sky Invasion (PC | MAC DVD)

  • Engage in thrilling dogfights and space ship battles in a free-roaming open world
  • Dozens of new missions and scenes featuring the actors from the movie
  • Enhanced combat technology allows players to deploy satellites and drones for offense, and to defend themselves with flares and anti-missile arrays
  • Numerous enemy ship classes, from Valkyrie to the fearful Götterdämmerung
  • Exhilarating orchestral soundtrack, Based on the IRON SKY Movie

In 1945 a small band of Nazis escaped the Earth to settle on the dark side of the moon, where they lay in wait for the next 70 years planning their revenge…
…Now it is 2018, and for more than half a century the Nazis have watched us, waitin

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STEALTH: Fear the Sky

Science Fiction Thriller featuring a rogue stealth drone with a mind of its own. The USA has billions invested in this high tech stealth unmanned combat air vehicle.When it suffers a freak digital brain trauma, death and destruction rains from the

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Alligators Don’t Like Drones!

At SXSW, a Texas company offers the Chaotic Unmanned Personal Intercept Drone. Yes, it’s CUPID — not with a bow and arrow, but with a powerful stun gun. Sbs…
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