13 thoughts on “Air National Guard F-15A Eagles kills QF-4 Target Drones”

  1. This isn’t even a fair fight. An obsolete and unmanned F-4 Phantom versus
    an F-15. It’s just a missile test.

  2. only if we get 600 more 22’s…. otherwise those 15’s will hve to last us a
    LONG time..

  3. this hudson dude needs to shut his pacifist ass the fuck up, who is he to
    criticize a country he dont contribute shit to. hes a fat lazy fuck with a
    single digit I.Q. Go vot for obama you fucking socialist

  4. AWESOME!!! Simply stated…we are the best around. May God continue to
    Bless the USA. Hey during the video you can hear someone breathing or
    blowing air (like blowing out a candle). Do they do that to stay conscience
    when pulling Gs???

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