Drone Flies Into Senator’s House!

“Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) is calling upon the government to regulate unmanned aircraft, citing privacy issues that she said have arisen in her own…
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16 thoughts on “Drone Flies Into Senator’s House!”

  1. 240 years ago she would have been tied to a stake and shot for treason. I’m
    confused as to why she hasn’t been subjected to the same punishment now.

  2. “This is a whole new world now….” No, it’s not your getting OLD, get out
    of politics. Only young people like Bernard Sanders (I-Vermont) are getting
    it… ;-)

  3. Not surprised at all. This is the woman who wants ban guns but owns guns
    herself. Typical do as I say don’t do as I do leftist.

  4. If we’d pay politicians based on some multiple of the average wage in the
    country, we would have increased minimum wage and a booming economy after
    ten minutes.

  5. I guess it’s ok to use drones as long as you’re only going to be killing
    brown/black people. Preferably in some other country far away so you can’t
    hear the screaming.

  6. What we really need to do now is put every politician on minimum wage, sit
    back, and watch the national minimum wage sky rocket! 

  7. People only realise something is wrong when it happens to them…..That’s
    such a shame that you have to come face to face with a drone to realise
    that other people’s privacy is invaded on a daily basis by this awful
    technology with various capabilities.

    And don’t get me started on the human mercenaries invading homes and
    rifling through people’s stuff at night going across borders to do
    so…..Taking liberties if I ever saw it.

  8. I guess if it’s that easy to convince her, maybe people should go through
    all the policies they think she’s wrong about and apply similar equivalents
    of their results to her.

  9. WTF… At least their spying on the a$$holes that OK’d drone use on MERICA
    soil and not us normal folk…

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