21 thoughts on “A Drone Warrior’s Torment: Ex-Air Force Pilot Brandon Bryant on His Trauma From Remote Killing”

  1. We look at the U.S. drone war through the eyes of one of the first drone
    operators to go public.

    Former Air Force Pilot Brandon Bryant describes what it is like to engage
    in remote combat — and why he is choosing to speak out now.

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  2. *A Drone Warrior’s Torment: Ex-Air Force Pilot Brandon Bryant on His Trauma
    from Remote Killing* —

    After he left the active duty in the Air Force, he was presented with a
    certificate that credited his squadron for 1,626 kills. In total, Bryant
    says he was involved in seven missions in which his Predator fired a
    missile at a human target, and about 13 people died in those strikes —
    actions he says left him traumatized.

    #Drones … #WarCrimes

  3. What a twat. That is your job on a predator crew, to target and kill
    individual people, especially those trying to kill your own people. What

  4. @lilbonners – you nasty bitch. I am active Army and have been Infantry for
    24 years.
    Go finish watching your pole-dancing videos you nasty stripper. You are
    obviously lost in what direct combat vs long distance non-combat is. Or is
    it because this ” Airman” paid for a lap dance and you failed to tell him
    you had dysentery?

  5. What a POS! Ohhhh poor, baby. You suffer from PTSD and never set foot in
    country? No wonder every other service thinks air farce are a bunch of

  6. these drone strikes really need to be reined in. after all is’ent killing a
    non combatant a war crime. How can we the west carry on taking the high
    ground when stuff like this happens. our troops are the best in the world
    make no mistake about that, and drones save british and american lives but
    they get used to easily i cant help but feel part of the problem comes from
    the detachment of killing somone from 1000s miles away 

  7. Extremely interesting to see how a video game serial killer thinks. He has
    virtually no information to go on, except what a blurry screen tells him.
    I remember Hollywood made a propaganda film a few years ago about drones,
    with Jamie Foxx and Jessica Biel (Stealth was the name). Hollywood has a
    mude bigger impact on more people than this guy ever will. Of course they
    made it look sexy and attractive to conceited young boys who don’t know any
    better. And that’s exactly what this guy got suckered into. Only a few
    thousand innocent people have to die to justify the trillions in expenses,
    but it’s worth it for the glamourous and extravagant lifestyle.

  8. a very brave man with integrity and a conscience. I’m sure there are many
    more in the U.S. military who have/had a crisis of conscience but fear
    going public. 

  9. A tax payer in general, supporting the system the way it works and murders
    people…. shouldent they also have to stand trial for the all the deaths
    and horrible killings at the day of judgement , people need to be aware of
    what their tax money goes to and who they support and in what ways their
    money support from tax dollars is spendt!

  10. I don’t really understand why there is so much bashing on this guy.

    If he had kept the job, he would have been a heartless murderer.

    If he give up and speaks out, all of a sudden he’s a traitorous faggot.

    You guys really suck.

  11. Another thing, all the people who voted yes on the war in afganistan as
    well as iraq , arent they also responsible for all the murders…

  12. You might have had the peoples permission but the public made it very clear
    we never wanted these wars.so we have to ask “who are the people,in we the
    people”?.the same criminals who call themselves our leaders when they are
    our representatives.or are they?.this sol-dier is not traumatized ,hes
    feeling shame and guilt

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