Iran – USA continues to fly drones over Iran

United States Secretary of Defense clarified that the USA will continue surveillance over Iran using drones.

Senator Rand’s Drone fillabuster, and Cardinals clam up. UK is sick.Galactic News Network Updates of geophysical and geopolitical events.

10 thoughts on “Iran – USA continues to fly drones over Iran”

  1. @TwinFlameify WW3 really? Who will go to war? Considering that China,
    Russia and Iran combined can not match the conventional forces of the US
    let alone NATO. Do you seriously propose that Russia or China will risk
    nuclear retaliation for Iran as their strategic nuclear forces are the only
    deterrent they can offer? This kind of talk ranks right up there with
    “don’t bring your carriers back to the gulf or else” and should be given
    the same level of consideration.

  2. @Aresbro I am an australian m8, and i support rightoussness “period”. Iran
    never threatened the disctuction of Israel, that just proves on what biased
    media you are watching. Iran symply said we will eradicate the false
    zionist regime. “Their government” the same governmet that has been cought
    in various terorist acts, and cought in falsely portraying its self as the
    AlQaida type in youtube the bellow and broaden your sources. -> Fake Al
    Qaeda Actors EXPOSED! Adam Gadahn & Yousef al-Khattab

  3. @scott0726 Nothing wrong with Fox News at least the report the news. Unlike
    RT who has remained silent about Iran blocking the IAEA

  4. @AmericanPatriot53 There is 163 counties backing the rightous move foward
    for Iran, yu need to broaden your search further then youtube my friend.
    Why this iformation is being supressed in the media of the wester world is
    unknown to me. Keep looking without letting your personal agenda getting in
    the way. look open minded from a rightous poit os view with the equal
    freedom to all. Peace

  5. ohh well if ww3 start we can only blame Israel and U.S for commiting acts
    of war. all countries have the right to exercise a pre-emptive strive if
    feeling threatened, including iran, russia and china

  6. @twinflameify wow do you not see your own hypocrisy? Iran just protecting
    itself? Assuming Iran had zero hostility or a nuclear program, you beleive
    Israel or the US could give a damn about it? Like you said, all nations
    have a right to protect themselves, as does Israel, who is threatened on a
    daily basis from Iran, that Israel will be destroyed. Now Iran wants
    nukes…sorry dude but that shit doesnt fly. No hostile nation run by
    religious radical fanatics will be allowed to have nukes.

  7. I checked thru my YT archive back to Dec 21 2010, when I first started this
    site, where I made the prediction that drones would become the preferred
    weapon of the military… and scared myself! …and Sen. Rand I think spoke
    for most of us, and to mostly deaf bought ears in the Congress. Just
    another confirmation of our Constitution is gone… just gone… and this
    cabal we call a government will do whatever they want..

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