Highly secret stealth drone RQ-170 downed in Iran

NBC News: “Drone that crashed in Iran last Thursday was on a mission for the CIA, and is now in the hands of Iran’s military” Iranian PressTV says that it ha…
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19 thoughts on “Highly secret stealth drone RQ-170 downed in Iran”

  1. Should have immediately sent an air strike to destroy the drone and its
    technology, but instead dumbass Obama waited until the Iranians grabbed it
    and then asked for it back nicely. What a f**king retard we have for a

  2. The flying wing (go-229)was actually invented by the germans in ww2, now
    take a look a the b-2 stealth bomber, look similar?….

  3. Maybe it is a system that the US has a way to control, such that if Iran or
    Russia or China made their own copy of it, the US would be able to access
    the data it’s gathering or even physically control what it does.

  4. Yes, Thank you for calling me a loser and everybody knows that you are
    superior. Duhhh.. Or by calling me a loser, you are trying to discard your
    own situation because you feel like an old useless loser that is very
    lonely? But arent we all? Look i just believe the USA isnt controlled by
    the people you vote for. Obama/bush/clinton/…. There are people who are
    above them. Are they jews? I dont know.

  5. it wasnt shot down. It was hacked and landed which is why its in perfect

  6. is it logic that you tell us what we can sell to china and russia and what
    not? israel electronic weapons are the most wanted weapons on earth. usa
    army use it and i gusse they know why. as long as you give us money it is
    logic and right becouse this is the hand that feed us. you think you know
    everything huh? i told you befor, you too brainwash to understand this
    things and too hateful “zionists do this do that they are evil” so
    ridicouls so stupid…. go take care of your self little man

  7. Sorry about replying to a six months old comment. But with today’s computer
    scanners, I don’t think there is a nuclear bomb or a camera in it that
    hasn’t been detected. And the Iranians could just ask the Chinese (who are
    computer experts) to look at the drone,

  8. Probably a hidden GPS tracker within the drone’s systems. Probably some
    kind of spy/monitoring software or device like the Flame virus (I actually
    posted this before news of the Flame virus came out) and possibly, but not
    necessarily, a harmful/destructive computer virus.

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