Iran Will Shoot Down American Spy Drones If The United States Continues To Violate Its Air Space – Iran says it will hunt down more American spy drones if the United States continues to violate its air space, a senior Iranian …
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( Morning Coffee with Mario Talk Show Series. It’s Tuesday, and we are feeling frisky! Hot topics include US drones over Mexic…
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16 thoughts on “Iran Will Shoot Down American Spy Drones If The United States Continues To Violate Its Air Space”

  1. Interesting for every one that those Countries which didn’t even have the
    Idea to build Nuclear Weapons have been attacked by United State of America
    & Israel but Iran which already have the Capicity to build Nuclear Weapon
    is untouched there is some thing fishy I must say. Israelis & Americans are
    Interfereing in every Islamic Country internal Affairs but never seriousely
    take Iran!

  2. rainbowsixODST, fuck you iran is different you know nothing about iran,
    Nothing all of you are happy with your F-22 and JSF that it wont fight you
    are selfish all of you, i have never seen such selfish people like
    americans always want war WAR WAR and saying: we are the best we have the
    best we must show them we are the best. stop it you have every thing why
    the fuck you still wanna fight? you have gas, oil ,free minds what the fuck
    do you need your not soldiers why you want war and show respect to your
    self; show you dont wanna war so it will make our government pull back

  3. Thats what a country should do ! America just stay in your own continent
    oops now i should be careful cox they have there agencies everywhere !

  4. Ufo technology, Iranians, you must be careful, you are dealing with real

  5. Gotta love how they only ever managed to down one allegedly, even though it
    looks like a technology trade.

  6. americans are still dreaming and cannot accept that threatening Iran has
    made them getting strong by building advanced weapons. in fact Iranians
    have brought down the plane by sending wrong gps signals to the plane also
    disrupting the plane connection with its base to force the plane goes on
    its self pilot system then took the control by the technology they have
    discovered from the previous drones. It is stupid to say that plane landed
    in Iran without any intervention.

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