8 thoughts on “30 Minutes or Less: Amazon Tests Delivery by Drone”

  1. what do you with the BOX? now the landfill will be clogged up with them?
    water bottles are 2nd now lol WAIT? inside is a packing slip then you
    mail BACK the box to them. using U. S. postal service? THIS will help the
    USPS make more $$ and all is well…ta da a FIXED ECOMEY? or MAYBE they
    will be made of paper? and people can use them in winter to keep warm? no
    wait? too many TREES cut down. I think AMAZON will have them made cheaply
    in a little town in CHINA@ such a GREAT AMERICAN COMPANY

  2. An advertisement for Amazon, masquerading as a ‘news item’.
    I can’t wait to hear of all the drones shot down for fun…..

  3. Bloomberg’s Tom Keene, Sara Eisen and Scarlet Fu are dismissive of Jeff
    Bezo’s octocopter (drone) deliveries (hmm).

  4. imagine thousands of these things buzzing around. its not practical for d
    next 10 years. its simply a publicity stunt & an attempt at being one of d
    cool innovative kids.

  5. Amazon would LOSE more money for all the lawsuits they get when these damn
    things chop up the family pet/kid/car…This is a stupid idea and a pipe

  6. Yes why not. All the burglars will be happy to hear this news as they
    awaits to catch my delivery in front of my house.

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