14 thoughts on “Alan Parsons Eye in the Sky”

  1. Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now” sounds EXTREMELY close to “Eye In The
    Sky”..They should share royalties!

  2. well again he messed up the lyrics in the first verse listen it again and
    you will notice next time call me and i can bring a karaoke machine lol

  3. estubo en puerto de la cruz? no lo puedo creer!!!! barbaro!!!! que
    emocion!!!! como me hubiera gustado estar allì!!!!

  4. que video más feo,quien fue el idiota que lo puso?,la canción es excelente
    que grupo más bueno!!!!!!!!1

  5. Why the hell bother putting this up for viewing? It’s crap….I love alan
    parsons music but please….Put something decent on.

  6. aww that recording , all of sudden i was expecting to see a bunch of
    singers from India ! ..aww fank you’l velly much.

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