3 thoughts on “Hobbyking’s pcb micro quad with kk2 flight controller indoors flight”

  1. 😉 did you see his new video “testing moebius wideangle” or something like
    that.. he launches like a rocket.. pretty sure I will do be doing that over
    los angeles in the near future. But check my Hoten-X vid from yesterday and
    there is also a Mini-H vid from yesterday morning as well. (hat to go back
    to the hoten after I crashed into a tree with the mini H )

  2. Bo I hear you, you are right about the FPV 🙂 Looking forward to get some
    “blackout style” videos from you now

  3. Love the ping pong balls, but am waiting for some FPV videos from Italy
    :-). I just got the mini H quad flying and am loving it.

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