Pocket Drone Flight Time Test

A test of The Pocket Drone flight tIme. Outside Temperature 17 Deg F. 20 Min Flight Time. Find out more at www.airdroids.com or order yours today at https://…
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Parrot, the maker of iPhone- and iPad-controlled AR Drones, brought its latest creation, the Bebop, to the Wall Street Journal offices for a spin. Personal T…
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9 thoughts on “Pocket Drone Flight Time Test”

  1. Not much going on in the video, you could have given a few details! you
    didn’t say what the battery was and if it was carrying a go pro. Thats an
    amazing long flight for a 2600 maH and camera. The trees weren’t moving in
    the fast forward so it looked very calm. 

  2. fantastique, ce Tricopter me plait beaucoup, autonomie, facile a
    transporter, pliable, il correspond a mon attente et je lui prédis un grand

  3. Thanks for the video. Very stable flight. Looks very promising. Did you
    have all stock (final production) components on it? Was the camera
    installed on the droid? Which battery are you using in your system? Is it
    also the one that will be shipping to the general public?

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