14 thoughts on “The Alan Parsons – Eye In The Sky”

  1. and the gaos you created madamoiselle!!!! car burnings avec paris roits,
    you gonne pay, pay pay!!!

  2. excelente interpretacion en vivo..,una de las mejores bandas progresistas
    de todos los tiempos..,la cancion simplemente genial!!!!!!

  3. Is Eric Woolfson with this band anymore? I always thought he was the best
    of the singers, although Alan does a decent job here.

  4. By the way – if you do like, what comes out as a result, when “the old” APP
    members play, you should pay attention to their own projekt, wich was
    initialized på AP, as a way to pay tribute to the band members: The band
    released one record wich shares its name with the band: KEATS A whole lot
    af APP sound, just like in the GOOD OLD DAYS.

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