Stealth Israeli ‘Spy Drone’ Downed Near Irans Natanz Nuclear Plant! Iran has shot down an Israeli spy drone trying to penetrate the “nuclear off-limits area” of the Natanz nuclear site, the…
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TEHRAN (FNA)- The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Aerospace Force shot down an Israeli spy drone before it could reach Natanz nuclear enrichment facil…
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24 thoughts on “Stealth Israeli ‘Spy Drone’ Downed Near Irans Natanz Nuclear Plant!”

  1. Dahboo77, have you heard of MT Keshe, he’s Iranian was based in Belgium,
    and has given his technology to Iran, this technology is a device that can
    disable all military vehicles, planes and weapons, his technology was used
    a couple of years on bringing down the US drone without a scratch on it.
    His technology can locate weapons and can be guided anywhere. He has stated
    that if ever there was a Nuclear war, his technology could bring the world
    to a stand still, he’s invented technology that would clear up all the
    worlds nuclear leakage problems in 5 years, including Chernobyl. MT Keshe
    wants to give free energy and power and medical equipment to the world, but
    is being threatened by the Elite, he has invented reversed back engineered
    technology, he has given all his Blue prints to the worlds top scientists
    to build his technology, but this is all being kept away from the public

  2. Where that nuclear plant sits in Iran, is Edom. Mentioned in Ezekiel 35.
    Which gets destroyed and becomes uninhabitable and desolate. Food for

  3. Why would the Israelis need drones when they have access to spy satellites?
    Can someone please explain because i don’t know much about this subject

  4. Iranians are great people…I eat good food at their restaurants. Liberal
    society has been good to them.
    We need to defend Iran from pariah US/OTAN

  5. (iran is not iraq or afghanistan) im israeli and im peeing in my pants when
    i see those iran’s nuclear plants

  6. Iran isn’t invading any Country whereas look what Israel has done to Gaza.
    Hamas is the elected Government in Gaza and doesn’t a Government have a
    right to defend its people and land.

  7. Hmm will Israel attack Iran first or will N Korea make the First move!
    Who’s little trouble maker is going to be unleashed first! I think either
    one and it’s all ugly!

  8. I think Iran MUST have A Nuke coz Israel has so I dnt see why Iran
    shouldn’t. It’s not Fair at all! The terrorist group like Israel regime can
    do anything but not other countries!!!!! I love Israeli people but It’s
    government is the most criminal in the world! 

  9. +DAHBOO77 these 2 videos show missile and radar development… if you put 2
    and 2 together with recent events between US and RU, its pretty clear that
    iran is showing this likely stuff at the suggestion of RU who has given
    them the technology and expertise to make these advances.

  10. Israel spying on Iran because they are afraid of righteous people out
    thinking them. Israel is the only country with WMD’s in that region,
    thanks to the neocons in the US and Israel is the only country that doesn’t
    allow inspections. FREE PALESTINE

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