19 thoughts on “The Alan Parsons Project-Sirius/Eye in the sky”

  1. @takethepowerback83 I rarely encountered more free-masonic proclamations in
    a single song. Refer to Jordan Maxwell

  2. My guess is that the uploader sped it up to avoid copyright issues. The
    internet is a pain sometimes.

  3. It’s the eye of Horus, from ancient Egypt, the eye of God. Illuminati
    pretends it has the eye of God. There’s a great difference.

  4. ¿Cómo puede haber gente que escuche esta canción y le de al “no me gusta”?
    ¿Estamos locos o qué?

  5. Reminds Chicago Sportsfans of the Bulls intro and soo many Jordan
    memories…great song, happy birthday to Alan

  6. @cmonconan Because you are easy to read, you’re an extension of a book. Not
    the extension of your mind. Go with god (with the world) not against it.
    Satan will only bring fear and that goes against god.(the good) Dont let a
    story tell your life story. please think about it.

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