EPIC! Drone: Shadow Strike

Pretty awesome and fun app game! Download the Game: http://bit.ly/ShadowStrike3 Visit us on Facebook http://bit.ly/ShadowStrikeFB Subscribe to Reliance Games:http://bit.ly/youtubeRGLeave a…

Awesome scene in the movie! I like this scene much better than the chase scene in DOTM but they’re both pretty good • One of my most favourite scenes in the …

17 thoughts on “EPIC! Drone: Shadow Strike”

  1. hey guys!
    hope you enjoy this promo video I did for Drone: Shadow Strike 🙂
    Its a fun app game I enjoy and I thought you guys might too ^__^
    I will be uploading a longer one soon so you guys can see more
    Love you guys <3

  2. For the Ask Wolf video tommorow which would you rather have a Lamborghini
    Murcielago or a Bugatti Veyron?

  3. Please Everyone like this post so she can read it! There is an amazing
    First Person Shooter called Modern Combat 5…Its Basically call of duty
    for ios…there is Team Deathmatch, VIP, Capture the flag, and Free for all
    and some other game modes…the community is small but if you make a
    video…it would greatly increase our community of players…And I KnowYOU
    Will Think Its a Great Game 🙂 

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