34 thoughts on “Tech News Today 921: Drone Chaperone”

  1. I thought todays show was one of the best and most polished of the new
    format. Keep up the great work. 

  2. I really like Mike’s insight, and I definitely think he is a great addition
    to TWIT. This show and this format are not a good fit for him at all. It’s
    like trying to get Wilt Chamberlain to play point guard. (When he was

  3. Leo used to say that his limit is an ad per 30 minutes, now we get 1 short
    ad pre show and two ads per 25 minutes?

  4. Mike really reminds me of Micheal Bay he really cant talk on his feet and
    really relies on the source material. You can really tell he is not
    confident at all and it shows with all his pauses in speech and the like.
    I really think Sarah needs to take the lead and honestly get rid of Mike.

  5. 23m28s show
    1 minute intro
    5:50 – 7:50 – 2 Minute Gazelle advert
    16:23 – 19:25 – 3 minute Squarespace advert
    End at 23:15

    so.. from 23 minute show, there is only 16 Minutes of actual news and

    And as Ran Bar-Levi mentioned, Leo was strict at one advert in a 30 minute
    window. Has Leo sold out? Well my opinion is No. He needs to make money
    to support the company and all the people he hires. And these are not
    weight loss pills or something stupid but products that are actually (or at
    least might be) very interesting to us.

    Still I miss where there was far more content in the show.

  6. I being a public speaker I do make mistakes and feel uncomfortable the
    first few days until grow into a speaking job.. but MIKE we have given you
    a WEEK yes you improved a bit.. but you are so not there man!.. nothing
    personal.. Just no energy.. feels like you are talking about stuff you
    don’t care for or understand…

  7. Mike is great as a guest but as a host…he’s terrible! Some people have
    “it”…and some don’t. I’ve already unsubscribed. On the other hand, Tom
    Merritt’s Daily Tech News show is awesome. His subscriber numbers are
    increasing daily and it wouldn’t surprise me that he will soon surpass Tech
    News Today.

  8. i give up, i’ve watched this show since the beginning and i looked to it
    for alternative insights about tech that i may not have considered from
    just reading blogs. this feels like Mike is just reading the blog for me.
    frankly, i can do that faster on my own. 30 minutes or less? WTF is that? i
    can peruse all the tech blogs and twitter in 20… also, if i was
    advertising on this show i’d be pissed at the way my ads are being

  9. Seriously the options were Tom skyping in or this? And they chose this?
    This is unwatchable. Truly awful. No disrespect to Mike, I’ve enjoyed his
    writing over the years but he’s no show host. Just check out Tom winging it
    on his own channel pumping out a whole news show on the fly that’s 100
    times better than this.

    Not that Leo will ever have any idea about this. He goes off the chatroom
    and that’s so heavily moderated now that the slightest mention of not
    loving everything gets you banned. So naturally he’s going to think people
    are loving the new show but odd how the numbers keep dropping eh? :)

  10. I used to watch TNT for tech news but now I come to watch becuase it’s
    like getting a front row seat to a 30 minute car crash, so bad it’s good
    and you can’t look away.

  11. the phantom can go allot higher then 1000 ft… it can do 4000 if you push
    it but then it’s coming down like a brick because the battrey life is dead.

  12. Do the airplanes have to dodge birds? Birds weigh more than these drones
    that are so “scary” and there are millions of birds in the sky at any given
    time that don’t follow atc or faa regulations. These multi-ton aircraft
    fly right through them. Stop fear mongering.

  13. The little drone is actually very visible at high speed, I actually own one
    myself, and the pilot states that it is black, so it is very possible that
    snow was on the ground near Kennedy Intl, and the pilot spotted the
    contrast between the white ground and the black drone. They are trained to
    see small things in the sky, like birds and now these drones.

  14. A half mile,or 2640 feet is about the max range of a common 2.4gHz RC
    transmitter operating at about 60 milliWatts with stock antennas.So 1500
    feet is easy, especially straight up.A 2.4gHz transmitter can cost about
    100$. A “drone”, as the media calls them, such as a quad rotor can be built
    for as low as 100$ all the way up to a few thousand dollars These RC radios
    can be fitted with a long range module,usually a 400mHz transmitter
    operating with 600mW of power for a 6 MILE BOOST for about 200$

  15. So this pilot spotted a 1.5ft wide aircraft, 200ft away while he was
    traveling ~200mph? I call bs on this one.

  16. Biggest load of rubbish I have ever seen or heard. The “drone” in question
    is no bigger than a breakfast cereal packet and he could see it at 200ft
    whilst flying a jumbo ? Bullshit !

  17. I’m an Remote Control hobbyist.I love building and flying RC planes and
    helicopters.It’s one of the reasons I became a mechanical & aerospace
    engineer.It makes me sick when I see hobbyists flying recklessly like this.
    I own RC aircraft fitted with cameras and enjoy filming scenery in my
    area.Education of the public and our government officials is essential to
    avoid dangers stunts like this. I’m sure the pilot of this “drone” didn’t
    mean harm,but was unaware of the severity of his/her actions 🙂

  18. Ah, you are correct. Increases in altitude would require increase in power,
    but I’m not so sure a half mile altitude is of concern for an RC model.
    I’ve never flown more than line of sight with my models, so I can’t really
    say based on experience, but I’d suspect it shouldn’t be an issue when
    going to an altitude as low as a half mile. I think that’s a 7% change in
    air pressure? There are numerous videos on youtube such as this
    (/watch?v=KK6vqx4X0q4) showing half mile high flights without issue.

  19. You bring up a good point, this is a possibility. Most novice RC radios
    don’t have a fail safe function to allow a “Return to Home” function in
    case of lose of signal. With this type of RC aircraft, the RC pilot should
    have known to have one though 🙁

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