Sen. Mike Lee Questions Holder on Drone Attacks

Sen Mike Lee Questions Holder on Drone Attacks. Uploaded by Thesharktank1 on Mar 06 2013. Produced by Shark Tank Media LLC.

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AR Drone CRASH !! I did it, I wrecked, crashed, fell from the sky parrot 2.0

EPIC FAIL I hit some powerlines with my parrot ar drone 2.0 My AR Drone 2.0…
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No amount of computer models or formulas could predict the danger associated with the Double Loop Dare. Watch as the drone car crashes during testing at the …
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MQ-9 Reaper UAV CRASH. By request.

*DETAILS* PLEASE READ*. (Due to this crash, NitroPlanes fixed this model, before it went on the market.) You asked to see it, so here is the WING FOLD and CRASH of my Reaper Drone with on board cam. It has since been repaired and flying as you saw in yesterday’s video. Today’s video was shot at Donovan’s Breakfast fly in back in 2007. I like this Reaper although it has a weak aluminum wing spar that bent in flight causing the wing to fold breaking a wire to the aileron servo which led to a bad crash following, even though it went into the weeds! It also requires using rudder and aileron to turn, as the ailerons are weak on pushers like this, which didn’t help when the servo quit. But once I figured that all out and repaired it accordingly, I find it is pleasing to fly. It flies sweetly and is very smooth. It has lots of lift and can glide a long time with the flaps down. It is a fun airplane and really draws the spectators. There is not much room in this for a camera as the Raven has, but with a lightweight camera like my Cisco Flip HD, it easily can be placed anywhere on the plane as the last part of the clip shows. This plane is not for beginners as lots of extended wiring and cabling needs to be hand made. It was time consuming to setup the control cables, long wires, and wing flap servos, cause this early prototype had no directions. I just figured it out on my own.. Here are some specs: Wing Span: 2500 mm.. (Approx 8 feet) Weight: 2500g-2700 g Length: 1080 mm (Approx

6 – AR.Drone Crash from High Altitude into Woods with GoPro 960

Crash starts at 2:00* What started out as a nice flight did not end so well. About 4 minutes into the flight, the Drone stopped responding to the RC control…

Joint US Air Force, US Army, Royal Special Forces mission. Blackhawk mission to recover downed USAF Predator drone in Afghanistan. Crash site consolidated an…

Texas researchers hack drone

It has been announced that the Federal Aviation Administration is opening up America’s sky to unmanned drones. By 2020 it is expected that approximately 30,0…

The idea of drones over New York City have inspired art projects and a rap song. Now they may be a reality too. The FAA is investigating a report from an Ali…
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Predator: The Remote-Control Air War over Iraq and Afghanistan: A Pilot’s Story

Predator: The Remote-Control Air War over Iraq and Afghanistan: A Pilot’s Story

The Nintendo generation has taken to the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan where remotely controlled aircraft are killing America¹s enemies and saving American lives.Matt J. Martin is considered a “top gun” in the world of unmanned aerial vehicle

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Spy Drone Hacked at Infowars Drone Mob (HD)

Infowars hosted the first ever drone mob this weekend, a citizen protest event where We the People could stand up and say “no” to our government entities spending our taxpayer dollars to upgrade and weaponize drone technology and turn it against us. While many people came out to fly drones, one man came out to demonstrate that anyone can easily hack and take control of those drones. Austin, Texas resident George Bliss showed up to the drone mob not with a drone, but with a laptop. Using a free, open source software he downloaded off the internet, Bliss was able to demonstrate how easily anyone can disrupt the signal between drone operator and drone, effectively taking control. As seen in the video below, with a few keyboard clicks, Bliss was able to cut a drone’s WI-FI signal in seconds and take control of it multiple times.
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While American military forces have lauded predator drone attacks in Pakistan, Bob Orr reports that Iraqi insurgents were able to partially hack these aircrafts with the use of very basic software.