FQ777 FQ03 Drone Murah 150 Ribuan Sodaranya Si Bego xD

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Sebuah drone micro yang keberatan frame, sehingga terbangnya jadi kurang stabil, wakakakaka…

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0:00 Unboxing
2:26 Fitur Dan Fungsi
3:07 Test Terbang
8:25 Coba Binding Jumper
10:10 Kesimpulan Kurang rekomendid !

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Salam drone indoor xD

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Breaking News! This is Why the Parents of the 4 Months Baby Flee their Home After it Happened

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Enemy MOST FEARED – U.S. Military Introduces New Spy Drone – SUPER ADVANCED

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Enemy MOST FEARED – U.S. Military Introduces New Spy Drone – SUPER ADVANCED

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The US Army aims to give almost all of its ground combat units tiny drones which can spy on other forces from the sky.

The contract awarded is worth $39.6 million and has enriched the coffers of FLIR Systems, an Oregon, US-based firm which develops thermal imaging, surveillance, and navigation technologies.

FLIR has been tasked with providing the military with Black Hornet Personal Reconnaissance Systems (PRS), which are drones small enough to sit in the palm of your hand.

The drones, described as "highly capable nano-unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) systems," measure only 6.6-inches across and weigh less than 33 grams.

The drones have a range of 1.24 miles at speeds of up to 13.35 mph and are able to fly for up to 25 minutes on a single charge.

In addition, the UAVs can take HD photos and provide live video feeds. Data sent to operators on the ground, equipped with a handheld ground control station (GCS) unit which communicates with the drone, is AES 256 encrypted.

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RANKED SUPPLY DRONE *ONLY* Challenge (Fortnite)

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Today in Fortnite Battle Royale we do a HOTSPOT only challenge in the Ranked Fortnite Arena mode!
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You won’t believe what we got away with! First, we fly a drone INSIDE the airport. Then, I do somersaults off a first class lounge table in London, and finally, we head to South Africa where we are chased by wild baboons! I love traveling and I just can’t help myself, I push the limits everywhere I go. Join me on my crazy ride. YEAH DUDE!

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About Steve-O:
Hello! This is Stephen Glover aka Steve-O. You probably know me from my wild stunts, epic pranks, and hilarious skits. Welcome to my YouTube Channel! This is a space where I’ve decided to share what I’m up to! Whether it be continuing to prank my friends, traveling the world, and trying crazy things, I hope you’ll follow me on this journey! If you love skateboarding, comedy, and funny and borderline dangerous stunts, subscribe to my channel and check out all my awesome videos! -Steve-O



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Attack Of The Drones (Military Documentary) – Real Stories

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They can move together in swarms, build towers, dance, throw and catch, assess targets and soon will even make their own decisions. Both in war and at home, drones are developing fast and gaining control.

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How NOT to Rescue a Drone!

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We got one drone stuck in a tree and tried to rescue it with another. We Smart. Remember when we crashed a drone in Ireland? https://youtu.be/zrtq75QHvhE

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Mercedes videos from Norway.

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Korean army introduces training program aimed at expanding military drones

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육군, 드론 전술적 운용을 위한 시연 가져
A couple of years ago, the South Korean military set up a unit to train with drones… researching a wide variety of uses for the machines, going beyond surveillance.
The drone unit recently held a demonstration.
Our Kim Ji-yeon was there and filed this report.
If an enemy approaches… troops can dispatch drones like this to identify targets and even drops bombs to disable them.
Until now, drones in the military were limited to surveillance and reconnaissance operations,… but now the hope is to use them in a greater variety of ways… through the drone training program at South Korea’s army intelligence school in Icheon, Gyeonggi-do Province.

"We test out various commerical drones for military use. For military purposes, drones need to have a low level of noise and a high operation speed."

The demonstration showed that drones can carry up to 10 kilograms each. With five more of these… they could bring supplies to an entire squadron.
Compared to conventional methods, with vehicles, the time it takes to disable chemical, biological and radiological agents could be lessened by six minutes, and they could cover an area around 140 square meters wider.
Also, using a 3D modeling program, photos from the drones can be used to make 3D topographical maps… to help with collecting info on potential operation sites.

"The unit offers courses to train soldiers how to use drone technology for intelligence gathering, targeting and reconnaissance operations."

The unit has trained 150 multicopter and drone pilots a year since 2017.
They’re hoping to have the Drone Tigers demonstration team… fly large numbers of drones in formation… by the time the country celebrates Armed Forces Day on October 1st… when the unit says it’s preparing a celebratory performance.
Kim Ji-yeon, Arirang News, Icheon.

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Getting Ready to Plant Corn | First Time Flying Drone

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Feels good to be back on the farm!

In spring of 2017, I started Farmable and I spent much of the summer making videos on the farm. It was A LOT of fun and I haven’t felt the same about making videos since. In fall of 2017, I started classes again for my Business Management degree. Since then I have not had a semester off from school🙃. In 2018, I took summer classes so I could graduate this spring. They were hard and they took up a lot of my farm time. Because of this, I didn’t put the effort into Farmable in 2018 as much as I wanted to.

Last Thursday was my final college class! I’m so happy to be done with school but I learned a lot of things that will help me in life. It feels good not having to worry about assignments due at 11:59 PM while sitting in the tractor 😂.

Capturing what we do on the farm is special. No one else can say they farm the land that we do and I want to remember it forever and share some of it with you.


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