Drone Quadcopter with HD Camera

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Drone Quadcopter with HD Camera

Drone Quadcopter with HD CameraYou just found an amazing scene. You get your phone to snap a picture. Then you struggle to seize the entire view into the camera. Photography and filming have taken advantage of drones to their fullest extent thanks to their ability to reach places where no one has been. But apart from taking bird’s-eye view shots, one simply can’t ignore the fun aspect of flying your drone. Some drones have gotten cheaper nowadays, but quality could be questionable. More advanced drone cost a lot and, if you’re a newbie, crashing an expensive toy on its first flights could be traumatic.

If you’re dead serious about aerial photography, your wait is over! UDI Discovery 2 offers the smart choice to get into dron’s training.Why Discovery 2 is perfect for new pilots lies mainly due to the rich features for beginners to master of drones in no time.

A 6-axis gyro flight system for stable positioning. Altitude Hold to maintain height of a hovering dron; – Headless Mode to control the drone’ based on the direction the pilot is facing; – One-button take-off and landing. The remote control allows the drone to fly at low, medium or high speed. You can even fly it with other drone’ without jamming the signal. Alternatively, you can also fly Discovery 2 with a smartphone app in which you can pilot in advanced flight course. As a camera drone, it won’t disappoint. Image quality is one of the best, and First Person View (FPV) lets you see in real time the view from the camera, which has a wide field of view of 120 degrees. Do yourself a favor and make the smart move. Become a pro and have fun taking aerial shots by adding Discovery 2 Drone into your cart TODAY.

Company: UDIRC
List Price: $199.99
Amazon Price: $99.99

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