Part 107 Drone School DVD Video: Drone Business
Part 107 Drone School DVD
Part 107 Drone School DVDDrone pilots are now able to fly commercially once they pass the FAA Knowledge Test and receive their certification.

However, passing the test will require significant study. Phantom Knowledge is equipping drone pilots to learn in a streamlined fashion.  The total video content is about 3 hours while covering the 12 chapters from FAA s Remote Pilot Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Study Guide.

Our training is comprehensive yet concise to what you need to learn for passing the Part 107 Knowledge Test.  We provide study helps and insights.  There are graphics throughout to illustrate the content. 

The trainer of the program Chris Litzkow, has his own 333 exemption from the FAA and has passed the Part 107 exam.  He shares his insights so you don t have to spend endless hours studying to pass the test.

Chapter 1 Regulations (29 minutes)

Chapter 2 Airspace (14 minutes)

Sectional Charts (10 minutes)

Chapter 3a Weather Sources (17 minutes)

Chapter 3b Weather Effects (18 minutes)

Chapter 4 Aircraft Loading (5 minutes)

Chapter 5 Emergency Procedures (11 minutes)

Chapter 6 Crew Resource Management (5 minutes)

Chapter 7 Radio Communications (3 minutes)

Chapter 8 UAV Performance (4 minutes)

Chapter 9 Physiological Factors (7 minutes)

Chapter 10 Decision Making (11 minutes)

Chapter 11 Airport Operations (10 minutes)

Chapter 12 Maintenance and Inspections (9 minutes)

FAA Test Questions (25 minutes)

Chris s Part 107 Test Insights (6 minutes)

Director: Jim Bendewald
Company: James Studio, LLC (2016-10-10)
List Price: $79.99
Amazon Price: $79.95