South African Anti-Obama Protests: demonstrators slam US president over drones and Israel

Protesters gather in Pretoria and Cape Town to demonstrate against US President Barack Obama’s visit to South Africa. Protesters burned a flag outside the US…
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Hezbollahs Hacked Video Feeds from Drones Expose israel Involvement in Hariri’s Assassination.

ISRAEL CAREFULLY MONITORED HARIRI’S MOVEMENTS Hezbollah Secretary General then turned to the most sensitive part of the press conference: tangible proof show…

Militants in Iraq hacked U.S. Predator drones using off-the-shelf software to download and watch military surveillance video. Elizabeth Palmer reports.
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Hezbollah Claims It Sent Drone Shot Down Over Israel

Shia militant group and political party Hezbollah has claimed it assembled and operated the drone that Israeli fighter jets shot down over the weekend.
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The Drone Debate – Should They Have Been Used In Boston Manhunt? Drones Over America – Sen Rand Paul Says He Supports Use Of Drones To Hunt Criminals – Hannity.
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Israel Deploys Patriot Battery after Drone Shot Down: IDF Believes Iran, Hezbollah Responsible

Just a few days after the Israeli air force successfully shot down a drone after it entered Israeli territory via the Mediterranean Sea, Israeli Defense Forc…