MQ-9 Reaper UAV CRASH. By request.

*DETAILS* PLEASE READ*. (Due to this crash, NitroPlanes fixed this model, before it went on the market.) You asked to see it, so here is the WING FOLD and CRASH of my Reaper Drone with on board cam. It has since been repaired and flying as you saw in yesterday’s video. Today’s video was shot at Donovan’s Breakfast fly in back in 2007. I like this Reaper although it has a weak aluminum wing spar that bent in flight causing the wing to fold breaking a wire to the aileron servo which led to a bad crash following, even though it went into the weeds! It also requires using rudder and aileron to turn, as the ailerons are weak on pushers like this, which didn’t help when the servo quit. But once I figured that all out and repaired it accordingly, I find it is pleasing to fly. It flies sweetly and is very smooth. It has lots of lift and can glide a long time with the flaps down. It is a fun airplane and really draws the spectators. There is not much room in this for a camera as the Raven has, but with a lightweight camera like my Cisco Flip HD, it easily can be placed anywhere on the plane as the last part of the clip shows. This plane is not for beginners as lots of extended wiring and cabling needs to be hand made. It was time consuming to setup the control cables, long wires, and wing flap servos, cause this early prototype had no directions. I just figured it out on my own.. Here are some specs: Wing Span: 2500 mm.. (Approx 8 feet) Weight: 2500g-2700 g Length: 1080 mm (Approx