Duke Eye in the Sky and Tech Thoughts

Duke Eye in the Sky and Tech Thoughts
How in the “Wide Wide World of Sports” do you even get a throw off, like this? As #27 was draped all over my boy like bedroom curtains. Sure wish we'd had this MB12 kid for the full four or five years. This one is a unique gamer and this one is a keeper.
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Eye in the sky? Colorado ski resorts explore using drones to capture visitors
"You're not going to come to Winter Park and see the sky buzzing with drones, ever," said resort spokesman Steve Hurlburt, who sought to tamp down on privacy and safety fears even as he extolled the advances in the growing world of action sports …
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Super Fly: The Must Own Drone for Tech Geeks

March 5 (Bloomberg) — DJI’s Phantom 2 Vision, which costs around 00, is the new toy of choice for tech enthusiasts. It take pictures, it shoots video, an…
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This week’s drone news is full of big names! Facebook on Titan Aerospace http://read.bi/1oGxz3J Google buys Airware http://bit.ly/1oGxBbT Piker vs. FAA http:…
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Parrot AR.Drone iPad Controlled Remote Control Aircraft Test Flight Demo Linus Tech Tips

http://ncix.com/vendors.php/4460/Parrot-Inc/ OMG. So cool.
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A Useful Idiot unleashes an unsavory and personal rant against useless idiots and the inexplicable nonsense hurled by partyline drones – accusations from lib…