3″ Under Par – Drones Flying through a Minigolf Course

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While traveling to Minneapolis, Minnesota, AirVuz gave us the chance to check out Can Can Wonderland, an awesome little arcade bar/putt putt place downtown. In addition to enjoying the location, we also got to fly around the course, which made for some awesome shooting opportunities.

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Parts on this drone:
Frame: Squirt: http://bit.ly/2ySCDk7
Motors: Brother Hobby 1407, 3600kv: http://bit.ly/2SN5cYH
Stack: Hobbywing G2 30×30: http://bit.ly/2zuYvli
Receiver: Crossfire Micro: http://bit.ly/2F50SRQ
Antenna: AXII Stubby: http://bit.ly/2SO7RkM
Camera: RunCam Racer: http://bit.ly/2zti3X6
Transmitter: Unify 5v: http://bit.ly/2AMc01R
Battery: http://bit.ly/2PLdEc6

My Goggles:
Fatshark Dominator HDO: http://bit.ly/2wqdMDk
Clearview Goggle Module: http://bit.ly/2EXz9RA

My radio:
Taranis 9xd // http://bit.ly/2PjVrOW
TBS Crossfire // http://bit.ly/2PmSGNc
Iftron ClearView // http://bit.ly/2MHv1Ka
Patch Antenna 1: TrueRC X2 Air // http://bit.ly/2PTbvZs
Patch Antenna 2: Lumi Axi Patch: http://bit.ly/2Po953V

My Bag:
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Big Main Vlogging Camera Wide Lens: Sony 10-18 // https://amzn.to/2PNI5ff
Big Main Vlogging Camera Long Lens: Sony 85 1.8 // https://amzn.to/2MCxiq0
Mic for Vlogging Camera: Rhode Video Mic Go // http://amzn.to/2l1lcqz
Tripod in the Sky: DJI Mavic // http://amzn.to/2BHrJNq
My awesome Pants: http://amzn.to/2kZ3ZOQ

Ultimate FPV Harddrive:
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Check out this incredible drone footage of snow near Phoenix

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Watch this striking drone flyover video of snow in the Sonoran Desert near Sunflower, Arizona.

In late February, Arizona was pummeled by a winter storm that brought snow and rain to many parts of the state.

#Phoenix #Arizona #Drone

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Syrian War Report – Feb. 21-22, 2019: Iran Took Control Of Several US Drones Flying Over Syria, Iraq

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The Iranian Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) have got control of 7-8 US unnamed aerial vehicles operating in Syria and Iraq, IRGC Aerospace Force Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh said adding that the IRGC extorted intelligence data from the aircraft. The IRGC media also released videos confirming its claims.
While ISIS is de-facto defeated in Syria and Iraq, a possible escalation of the long-standing conflict between the US-Israeli-led bloc and Iran continues to pose a threat to regional security.

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Jockey Club step up efforts to crackdown on drones at the Cheltenham Festival

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Jockey Club step up efforts to crackdown on drones at the Cheltenham Festival. Moves to clamp down on the flying of drones will be rolled out at next month’s Cheltenham Festival.

Racemail understands the Jockey Club, owners of Cheltenham, have recruited specialist firm Crowded Space to step up efforts to block drones being flown near racecourses.

The measures will cover major racing Festivals this year, including the Grand National meeting at Aintree in April. Tests were carried out at

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