If you Fly Drones with DJIGO4 APP & iOS CHECK this setting before you fly

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Big #Fail last week. Get to remote location to shot footage & #DJIGo4 App has been dumped from iPhone #iOS.
Make sure you check yours before you fly.
Whats your best Startup Check list: https://youtu.be/GlT-MwZb2Gg
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Newly Love Marriage Relatives Fight Outside Lahore Session Court | Breaking News | BOL News

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Newly Love Marriage Relatives Fight Outside Lahore Session Court | Breaking News | BOL News

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India to Flight Test Manik Engine For Drones and Nirbhay Cruise Missile, First Subsonic Engines

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India will soon begin flight tests of its first 400 kg thrust class Small Turbofan Engine as a power plant for unmanned air vehicles targeted for subsonic applications. The state-funded Gas Turbine Research Establishment or G T R E realized six prototype engines with 95 percent indigenous components last year. This engine is also known as Manik Engine.
In coming days, the Defence Research and Development Organisation is likely to use the engine in the Nirbhay subsonic cruise missile that it successfully test fired last week. At present, Nirbhay missile is powered by a Russian engine.

The engine was tested at Bengaluru in southern India as well as at Leh in northern-most India, according to the Defence Research and Development Organisation.
"The G T R E tested the engine for maximum power setting at Bengaluru for 90 minutes continuous operation. During peak winter, the engine was tested at Leh at minus 15 degree Celsius.
In March 2018, D R D O invited expressions of interest from Indian industries willing to work under technology transfer terms for manufacturing and assembly of the engine.
"Further efforts are on to flight test the engine and to manufacture the same through Indian industries.
The Indian Defence Ministry last year released a document titled "Technology Perspective and Capability Roadmap 2018" that talked about the government’s intention to acquire more than 400 military drones, including combat and submarine-launched remotely piloted aircraft, in the next decade.
"The medium-altitude, long-endurance combat remotely piloted aircraft should have the capability to fly up to 30,000 feet altitude with extended satellite communication ranges and endurance of more than 24 hours. These unmanned aerial vehicles will be powered by this newly developed engine.

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