What is the deadliest sport in the world?

What is the deadliest sport in the world?

Deadliest sport: not since the gladiator days has there been a sport that kills so many participants.

Overlooking a thousand feet or more sheer drop, human flyers are ready to beat the odds and attack the laws of nature. They leap out of planes, off of cliffs, buildings, or anything high enough to fly, wearing only a wingsuit. Traveling at speeds of more than one hundred miles an hour, one wrong move could be their last.

This new revolution taking over the sporting world is called Wingsuiting. It’s the deadliest sport in the world and people from all over are flocking to it. Since it began in 2000, over 30 people have died.

See some of the amazing footage taken by these daredevils as the fly through the sky.

We at SkyDroneNews suggest using drones to get the same experience, wearing 3 dimensional goggles rather than risking life and limb.

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